The power of local.

Uniquely engaged local audiences, industry-leading technology, deep digital marketing expertise and insights from 300K clients across the US.

The nation’s economy, culture, and communities require businesses with local roots — those who create jobs, nurture their neighborhoods, and make a mark that matters. These locally-rooted businesses deserve to experience a stronger partner: Meet LOCALiQ.

When it comes to connecting people with local businesses, LOCALiQ lives up to the promise in our name. We are local. We share a commitment to supporting local commerce, enabling businesses to connect with customers where we live, work, and serve.

We exist to empower businesses with the knowledge and marketing support to spark smarter growth and confidence in their ability to thrive with our help.


LOCAL trust, built over years of valued journalism and support of the communities across Gannett, combined with IQ: intelligent business solutions, tech, tools, industry-leading products, and insights from work with over 300K+ customers nationwide.

LOCALiQ is the go-to-market brand that links local TRUST with market-leading TECH, including powerful digital acumen, and strongly aligns with our mission of empowering local businesses to thrive.

LOCALiQ Digital Marketing Solutions

Our team constantly challenges the status quo to evolve local marketing.

LOCALiQ Digital Marketing Solutions Kevin Gentzel

Kevin Gentzel

President, Marketing Solutions and CRO

LOCALiQ Digital Marketing Solutions Kathy Romero

Kathy Jack-Romero

President, LOCALiQ

LOCALiQ Digital Marketing Solutions Bala

Bala Menon

Chief Client Officer

LOCALiQ Digital Marketing Solutions Kris Barton

Kris Barton

Chief Product Officer

LOCALiQ Digital Marketing Solutions Kelly Andreson

Kelly Andresen

President, Sales Development

LOCALiQ Digital Marketing Solutions Michael Thomson

Alecia Spencer

Vice President, Inside Retail Sales

LOCALiQ Digital Marketing Solutions Jeff Urgo

Jeff Urgo

LOCALiQ Automotive

LOCALiQ Digital Marketing Solutions Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson

VP, Classified Vertical Sales

LOCALiQ Digital Marketing Solutions Kane

Michael Kane

Interim Sales Development Leader

What makes us great

At LOCALiQ, we empower communities to connect, act, and thrive. Our goal is to be essential to consumers and marketers seeking meaningful connections with their communities. Our diverse voices, backgrounds and specialties are fundamental to achieving that goal. Join us on our mission to help businesses grow with simplified local marketing.

How we value diversity

The quality that makes you different or unique – whether that be your age, education, ethnicity, gender, language, disability status, national origin, parental status, race, religion, sexual orientation, work style or anything else – is celebrated here. Leveraging that diversity by creating a culture where everyone feels safe, welcome, valued, included, and comfortable being who they are increases our talent and contributions while keeping us accountable in embracing differences and perspectives. Where are you headed next?