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Without a doubt, data has become the currency that fuels competitive advantage in today’s economy. Data-driven marketing has become key to successful dealership marketing strategies. And better data equals better automotive marketing. 


At the same time, consumers expect relevant messages delivered across the channels they prefer and at the timing they choose. And when brands fail to deliver, customers move on. The good news? Better data also equals more relevant automotive marketing. 


Dealerships who use deep customer insights and implement them into their data-driven automotive marketing strategies will reap the rewards in the form of improved customer acquisition and retention, enhanced customer experiences, and higher revenue. While using auto buyer data isn’t  new, there are plenty of new automotive marketing techniques, that when used effectively, can ensure success in reaching car buyers who are ready to purchase. Here are some key tactics you can use when applying auto buyer data to your dealership marketing campaigns: 


Use Data to Understand Your Auto Buyer 

The use of data which shows a more complete picture of today’s auto shopper enables dealerships to provide highly targeted offers, promotions and content aligned with rapidly-shifting customer preferences.  


Typical demographic data no longer suffices. Auto marketers need a more granular view of each customer’s unique behaviors, interests and needs. This can include their web browsing behavior, app usage, video plays, life events, product interests and much more.  



Use Data to Engage at the Right Moment 

Customer data can help dealerships craft personalized communications that cut through the noise and outperform traditional modes of advertising. It also helps to target customers with the right message at the right micro moment.  


It’s important to first use data to understand where you can increase market share – both in which geographic locations, and in relation to specific vehicle segments or models. By starting with a clear idea of your best opportunity to increase sales, you can then dig into sophisticated audience targeting to reach the best in-market audience most likely to respond to your automotive marketing campaign. 


Armed with this level of deep automotive marketing insight, progressive dealerships can design digital marketing campaigns with more relevant messages– trading outdated, one-size-fits-all promotions for customized content plus increased engagement and conversions. . 



Use Data–Driven Automotive Marketing Tools 

Making sure your dealership digital marketing efforts are connecting with consumers at every touch point is critical. With so many digital tools available, knowing which one to use and when can be a monumental task. You can either try to figure it out yourself or work with a marketing partner like LOCALiQ AUTOMOTIVE.  


Look for a partner that combines automotive marketing expertise with effective digital marketing solutions spanning the auto consumer journey: 

  • Branded Content to reach auto shoppers with meaningful content across multiple touchpoints in their car buying journey 

  • Social Media Advertising putting dealerships in front of in-market customers with proprietary smart optimization technology and dynamic creative. 

  • Search Engine Optimization to build online presence, using proven techniques so dealerships show up where and when it matters most to a prospective buyer. 

  • Targeted Email Marketing to connect dealerships within-market auto shoppers using emails designed to increase brand awareness, drive website leads or promote a special service offer or sales event.  

  • Targeted Display Advertising to reach a premium, engaged audience on USA TODAY NETWORK or expand your reach across thousands of website–both with multiple targeting and optimization options.  

  • YouTube Ads to reach new customers on the second most visited website in the world for a more efficient video ad buy. 

  • Addressable Geofencing Ads are designed to drive customers in specific locations to a dealership, so you can reach a hyperlocal audience at the right phase of consideration. 


Use Auto Buyer Data Experts to Drive Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns  

Consumers produce mountains of data every day. Digging through the piles of available information to find the data that truly can make a difference often leads to a state of analysis paralysis.  


Dealerships are increasingly turning to automotive marketing partners who have already sifted through thousands of data sources, aggregating the most comprehensive automotive intelligence and marketing data that will have a direct impact on the bottom line. 



Contact us to learn more about how we can uncover market share insights to drive more sales for your dealership. 



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