In today’s digital age, consumers are infinitely more capable of gathering information about specific vehicles and where exactly they can find the best deals. A typical automotive consumer can encounter as many at 900 digital touchpoints spanning from search engine searches, YouTube videos and video ads, image searches, social media ads, dealership websites and OEM sites in as little as a 3-month period.  

While technology enables and simplifies the connection between buyers and sellers, it is still important to find the best prospective buyer by using the right advertising mediums to increase your dealerships total advertising conversion rate. Dealerships can more effectively reach the right auto shoppers using audience targeting. And that helps you have more efficient dealership advertising campaigns and marketing budget spend.   

Focus: Spend Time Identifying Audience Targeting 


Dealerships are faced with a myriad of marketing solutions driving potential customers to buy.  While these advertising tactics and automotive marketing solutions are incredibly adept at reaching customers at any point across the automotive consumer journey, it is critical to identify your ideal audience segments and target them with relevant strategies. This means knowing who to target and what message and tactics can best reach that audience. 

Spend the time to focus your dealership marketing campaigns with specific audience targeting. You can use campaign data and insights to segment and target the right person by demographics or interests. Bonus: You create much more efficiency in your dealership’s advertising.    

Audience targeting helps hone-in more in-market auto shoppers actively engaged in researching a vehicle purchase. You can even overlay this with those who might be familiar or have shown interest in your brand and website. Remarketing to these audiences tend to see a two to three times higher Click-Thru Rate compared to new visitors. While it is important to engage customers at all stages of the auto buying journey, segmenting and targeting the customers most likely to be in-market and open to your brand or dealership will yield the quickest return on investment.   

Go Deeper: Apply Audience Targeting in Your Campaigns 


Ad campaigns run through publishers such as Google, Facebook and YouTube use sophisticated data science and proprietary algorithms to help advertisers connect with the most relevant customers. It is no longer rocket science to integrate these segmentation settings into digital advertising campaigns to drive better performing ads.   

For example, the remarketing feature–Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA) in Google ad–is a simple, yet highly effective way to segment automotive buyers familiar with or have shown interest in your brand. In the case of Tirendo, they were able to increase sales by 22% using RLSA, in which they also saw a 161% rise in conversion rate. Tirendo took the remarketing lists from their already existing display campaigns running at the Google Display network and implemented it in their paid search campaign which allowed them to increased bids to show for these higher prospective customers    

If you are not already leveraging these types of tactics in your digital advertising, start testing them in your next dealership advertising campaign.   

Optimize: Learn and Test Through Campaign Data 


Learn from your current dealership ad campaigns by taking the time to understand what works and what doesn’t. Source campaign data through reporting and website analytics to help understand where your audience is coming from, what their interests are, and even what devices and apps they spend their time on. You can then optimize current and future campaigns based on insights from those data points, and continuously improve campaign performance to achieve higher conversion rates.  

Let’s not forget to test what’s impacting ad engagement. Adjust display creatives for higher visual engagement. By doing so, you keep content relevant and fresh, and avoid display fatigue. Update text ads and A/B test regularly to find the best performing calls to action and intriguing description lines.    

Identifying your target audience is one half of the battle. Delivering a consistent, compelling ad message can mean the difference between converting or losing that customer. Optimization is an ongoing effort, so don’t get discouraged. It’s a continuous learning process. 

Bringing It All Together   


Follow these 3 steps to achieve optimum digital marketing:  

  1. Identify Audience Targeting to fit your dealership marketing strategy 

  1. Implement Audience targeting in your dealership advertising campaigns 

  1. Learn from marketing campaign reporting and test to improve   

Effective marketing helps close the gap between your dealership and the customer, with much of the consumer car buying journey being digital, it is important to spend the time focusing audience targeting and refining your dealerships’ campaign mediums to create efficient marketing processes.  

Don’t have the time or expertise to research and implement audience targeting?  

Our Digital Marketing Experts are seasoned veterans in running Automotive campaigns. Paired with our proprietary smart optimization technology that’s a pretty awesome combination. We can help your dealership realize your advertising goals better than anyone else. Contact us today to get started.



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