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Let’s face it: there’s no way to promote your brand on social media in April.

April Fools!

april fools social media post ideas - scene from spongebob where he pulls an april fools joke on customer

Okay, it may be a bit early to pull April Fools’ funnies. But, as a growing business owner, it would be a bit silly to abandon social media this April. Social media marketing can be your secret to spring success. However, the key is to curate unique content that will foster growth.

Luckily, we found plenty of April social media holidays and ideas that can help you do just that. Today, we’ll go through all you need to know about April social media marketing, like:

  • Tips to have an awesome April on social media.
  • 68 April social media holidays to post about this month.
  • Even more social media ideas you can use in April.

After this post, your social media success will be no April fools’ joke!

april social media holiday calendar

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Tips for your April social media calendar

As you’re planning your local marketing for April, be sure to remember these social media tips:

Remember your goals

As April kicks off the second quarter of the year, you’ll want to ensure your social media strategy aligns with your overall marketing goals. If you don’t already have measurable social media metrics in place, you can still set some up by looking at any business challenges.

Try walking through a SWOT analysis exercise for your accounts to identify where your social media goals should land. This will help you to shape your social plan and decide which post ideas are best.

marketing swot analysis chart

Check your website

You could have the best social media plan in the world, but if your website is not running efficiently, your efforts will be fruitless. Since one of the points of social media is to drive traffic to your website, you’ll want to check that your site is in tip-top shape before going live.

Use free, online website grader tools to find areas for improvement so that you’re ready to handle any amount of traffic thrown at you. Checking your core web vitals with a quick, easy audit will help you drive leads from social media. So, this is a step you won’t want to miss.

april social media holidays - localiq website grader

An example of the LocaliQ website grader that can be used in conjunction with your April social media marketing strategy.

You can also conduct a quick social media audit yourself–using these steps and the template we created!

Follow social media trends

In order for your posts to not only get found but also rise in popularity, you’ll want to be sure that you’re following hot social media marketing trends. However, as a business owner, you don’t necessarily have time to be scrolling all day to know what’s trending. That’s why influencer marketing is a great alternative for brands that want to stay on top of what’s popular.

Micro-influencers are the perfect solution for this, as they typically have a following of less than 50,000, which makes them more approachable for a business looking to grow. Plus, it’s an influencer’s job to know what’s trending on social media. This means that collaborating with an influencer will make it easier for your business to serve relevant and popular April social media content.

april social media holidays - example of an influencer partnering with a business on instagram


Find your creative flow

Social media is a hub for creativity, so don’t be afraid to get wild with your local social media marketing. For example, you may want to try including more emojis in your captions, posts, or stories to add creative flair that’ll catch your audience’s eye.

You’ll also bring in better results with emojis too. Posts with emojis get 33% more comments, and 78% of people think brands that use emojis in their posts are more likable while 63% think those brands are also more credible.

If emojis aren’t your thing, you should at least use hashtags to help your posts get found in feeds. Later, when someone searches a hashtag you used, you’ll show up in their results. An added bonus of hashtags is that they’re also customizable. For example, you could create your custom hashtags to align with your business or try one of these April social media holiday hashtags from our list below:

  • #aprilfools
  • #jk
  • #justkidding
  • #jokesonyou
  • #funnies
  • #horsingaround
  • #aprilshowersbringmayflowers
  • #rainydaygoaway
  • #itsrainingitspouring
  • #aprilshowerpower
  • #spring
  • #springtime
  • #hellospring
  • #summerwya
  • #summeriscoming
  • #whereareyousummer
  • #waitingonsummer
  • #whensbrunch
  • #autismawareness
  • #selfcare
  • #stressisamess
  • #diy

april social media holidays - example of april hashtags from small business instagram post


April social media holidays (with ideas and examples)

Now that you’ve got the basics under your belt, time to kick your plan into gear with these amazing April social media holidays and ideas:

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National Diversity Month

While an inclusive marketing strategy should be something your business strives for year-round, it’s all that much more important during April since this is when National Diversity Month is celebrated. Having started in 2004, this April observance was created to celebrate diversity all around us. Here’s how your business can take part:

  • Highlight how your business commits to inclusivity by showcasing efforts you’ve made to cultivate diversity in your workforce.
  • Spread awareness for issues within your community centered around diversity, equity, and inclusion. For example, did you know that for every dollar a man earns, women on average make 18 cents less? Plus, that gender pay gap increases when you break it out for women of color. Your April social media post for diversity month could highlight this as something small businesses like yours should work towards ending. Alternatively, you could provide a series of posts that share resources and tools for your female followers can use to fairly estimate and negotiate equal pay.

april social media holidays - linkedin post for national diversity month


National Autism Awareness Month

Starting in 2007, Autism Awareness Month is a time for reflection and research. Show your followers you care this month with these Autism Awareness Month social post ideas:

  • Share a personal story. Has your business’s community been touched by Autism? Give your followers an inside look at your experience with Autism. When you open up to your followers about autism, you’ll be showcasing how your brand is accepting of people of all ability levels. This means you’ll also be following the best practice of fitting diversity and inclusion in your marketing.
  • Run a fundraiser for your local autism research or care center. Your followers will appreciate your brand giving back. Consumers prefer to do business with companies that are active in their communities, so a socially conscious post will increase your brand loyalty.

april social media holidays - autism awareness small business linked in post


National Brunch Month

Is there a way to declare April as the best month ever? With it being National Brunch Month, why wouldn’t you want to! Between the bacon, eggs, mimosas, pancakes, and more, brunch is the great uniter of all: everyone loves brunch. Odds are, your followers will love these April social media posts about it, too:

  • Host a brunch poll or bracket. Ask your followers to vote for what their favorite brunch food is. Sneak in your brand along the way by highlighting your team’s favorite choices as well.
  • Share a brunch recipe. Your audience will be on the lookout for a post like this, as 54% of people use social media to find new recipes. If you’re short on brunch ideas, don’t be afraid to ask your followers instead. This is a win-win as asking them to comment back with their brunch recipes will give you an engagement boost while saving you content creation time.
  • Do a brunch contest or giveaway. Even if your business doesn’t directly correlate with brunch, you could hold a sale during brunch hours and create buzz about the limited-time offer on your social posts. Or partner with a local restaurant to offer up a discount or gift card to one lucky customer.

april social media holidays - national brunch month small business instagram post example


World Landscape Architecture Month

This monthly observance celebrates all the ways landscapers, contractors, and other designers contribute to the communities they work in. Whether you’re in this niche market or not, you won’t want to miss out on this amazing April social media holiday.

In fact, social media will already be buzzing about this April observance. The American Society of Landscape Architects does an Instagram takeover where they post photos of exceptional outdoor spaces. Here are a few ideas for your business to join in on the fun:

  • Post a picture of your storefront or office. Whether or not you have a stellar landscape, your followers will be interested to see photos of your business from your perspective.
  • Partner with another local business. Just about every community has popular landscaping or home services companies. Reach out to them to set up a social media partnership for the month of April. You could tag each other on Instagram, feature each other’s work, and more to watch both of your brands’ accounts grow.
  • Post a series of landscape trivia questions and have your followers comment back with their answers for a boost in your social media engagement. For example, did you know that manual lawn mowing burns up to 500 calories per hour? Your followers are sure to eat up these interesting tidbits of information for World Landscaping Month.

april social media holidays - small business instagram partnership for world landscape month


Stress Awareness Month

Supported by the Stress Management Society, Stress Awareness Month was created in April to alert the public of how detrimental too much stress can be. Extra stress can lead to physical issues like strokes, IBS, ulcers, diabetes, muscle or joint pain, and more. Here are a few social media ideas to combat Stress this April:

  • Share your best self-care tips. Everyone needs to unwind and focus on themselves from time to time, so your followers will appreciate your unique self-care ideas.
  • Highlight a specific product or service and how it can save your customers from headaches. Use a video marketing strategy, or even a simple post caption, to explain how your business helps solve common customer pain points.
  • Host a stress-relieving event! Whether it be a virtual yoga class or a silent shopping hour in-store, encourage your followers to join you for a stress-relieving activity. This will be a win-win as you can create buzz for the event beforehand, and post pictures from it after.

april social media holidays - small business stress awareness month twitter video


April 1: April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day is a can’t miss holiday at the beginning of the month that brings joy for all. April Fools’ started during a change in the recognized calendar across Europe in the 1500s. Those who still thought the year began on April 1 were considered fools.

Today, over 80% of Americans enjoy and celebrate April Fools’ Day, so your followers are sure to be fans of these April Fools’ social media posts:

  • Post a joke or funny video. Whether you repost a #epicfail or share a daily funny, your audience will love the laugh. In fact, over half of consumers say they’re more likely to remember as well as enjoy a piece of content if it’s funny. A funny April Fools’ post will make your brand more memorable.
  • Prank your followers. You could partner with a micro-influencer to do a social media “takeover” of your account. If you don’t have the marketing budget to pull in an influencer, you could also tease your customers with a news update about your brand or a change in a popular product.
  • Encourage your employees to join in on the shenanigans. Record your employees being silly with one another and post a video of the fun! If you want to join in, you could record a prank you pull on your employees, too.

april social media holidays - april fools day linkedin post example


Get more April Fools’ social media posts ideas here!

April 3: National DIY Day

Getting help from a friend is always nice, but sometimes projects are best completed when you do it yourself. That’s why National DIY Day acts as the perfect reminder to all that spending time alone can sometimes be the best way to go. Here are a few post ideas to celebrate this April social media holiday:

  • Post a DIY challenge. Encourage your followers to post a DIY project and tag you. You could give a small prize or coupon to the best DIY results. As a bonus, you could make a rule that a product or service your brand offers must be used during the DIY process.
  • Share DIY tips. There are plenty of ways to go about a DIY project and, as a business owner, you’ll have plenty of experience to share.
  • Repost DIY #fails. Sometimes DIY projects don’t go as planned, and your audience would love to get a laugh from a DIY gone wrong.

april social media holidays - small auto business national diy day instagram post


April 11: National Pet Day

A day to celebrate your pets? Sign us up! Many people treat their furry friends like family, so this is the perfect opportunity to connect with your social media audience over something they adore. Try these pet-friendly social media posts out:

  • Post your business’s pets. The best part of national pet day is checking out all the cute pet photos. Tug at your audience’s heartstrings by sharing adorable pictures or videos of pets you and your employees have.
  • Repost your favorite pet pictures. If you don’t have a ton of pet content from within your own organization, try reposting fun pet photos from other accounts. When you tag another account, they may see it and want to share it out with their own following—which can build up your brand awareness.
  • Add in a special treat for your follower’s pets. You could offer a pet toy or treat when people make a purchase during National Pet Day. If you can’t afford to give away any freebies, invite your followers to bring their pets in-store as they shop around for a day.

april social media holidays - national pet day university tweet


April 16: National Librarian Day 

The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.” – Albert Einstein

It is true that libraries open doors for people looking to learn, and librarians keep them running. Show your appreciation for librarians with these National Librarian Day posts:

  • Highlight a favorite book. Books are a great way to authentically connect with your audience, so share a book that inspired you or even relates to your business to add a personal touch to your social media strategy.
  • Tell a story of a librarian that impacted you or your community. If you have an anecdotal story about a librarian in your life or community, don’t be afraid to share that with your followers to give them an inside look at your brand’s identity.
  • Give back to a local library. If you don’t have budget to donate to a local library, volunteering at one for a day could also be an option. Be sure to take plenty of pictures to share on social media later.

april social media holidays - librarian day


April 22: Earth Day

Dating back to 1969, Earth Day helped to form the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Along with that, Earth Day is what brought the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species acts into law. With global warming on the rise, this is the perfect opportunity for your business to take an environmental stand with these Earth Day marketing ideas for social media:

  • Showcase how your brand is eco-friendly. Whether it’s a simple recycling bin area or a full-on green product, be sure to let your followers know your business is taking steps to protect the environment.
  • Share tips to reduce, recycle, and reuse. You could even post a video of you or an employee setting an example of one of your tips.
  • Honor our planet with Earth Day fun facts. Teach your audience something new about the environment around them. For example, the average American family causes over 525 square feet of ice to melt each year. Data points like this will inspire your followers to do their part while keeping them interested in your posts.

april social media holidays - earth day linkedin post


April 30: International Jazz Day

Jazz is known as “America’s classical music” since it began in New Orleans over 100 years ago. With such a rich history behind this music genre, there’s no reason to not post about it with these Jazz Day social media ideas:

  • Highlight a prolific person in Jazz history that inspires you. There are plenty of inspirational people from the world of jazz, like Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, and more your followers will love to learn about.
  • Post a jazz song for your followers to listen to. Connecting with your audience through music is a unique way to give your social media strategy a more intimate feel. You could even take it a step further by creating a jazz playlist on a music streaming platform that your followers can listen to or share out—which will help you build your brand’s community.

april social media holidays - international jazz day small business linkedin post example


Even more April social media holidays

When it comes to April social media holidays, there’s no shortage of other fun festivities to post about. Get even more April social media post ideas with this list below:

  • Arab American Heritage Month
  • National Humor Month
  • National Poetry Month
  • Move More Month
  • National Decorating Month
  • International Customer Loyalty Month (Get our customer loyalty program tips to celebrate this one here!)
  • April 1: Walk to Work Day
  • April 2: World Autism Awareness Day
  • April 2: Ramadan
  • April 3: World Party Day
  • April 4: Tell a Lie Day
  • April 5: National Flash Drive Day
  • April 6: National Student-Athlete Day
  • April 7: World Health Day
  • April 7: Walk to Work Day
  • April 9: Easter Sunday (Try these Easter marketing and promotion ideas!)
  • April 10: Siblings’ Day
  • April 12: Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
  • April 12: International Lawyers’ Day
  • April 13: International Plant Appreciation Day
  • April 13: National Scrabble Day
  • April 14: National Gardening Day
  • April 15: National Laundry Day
  • April 16: Husband Appreciation Day
  • April 17: National Cheese Ball Day
  • April 18: National Lineman Appreciation Day
  • April 18: Healthy Kids Day
  • April 18: Patriot’s Day
  • April 20: Volunteer Recognition Day
  • April 20: Ramadan ends (begins March 22, 2023)
  • April 21: Kindergarten Day
  • April 21: National High Five Day
  • April 23: World Laboratory Day
  • April 23: National Picnic Day
  • April 24: Pigs in a Blanket Day
  • April 25: National Mani and Pedi Day
  • April 25: World Penguin Day
  • April 26: Administrative Professionals Day
  • April 28: International Astronomy Day
  • April 28: Pay it Forward Day
  • April 29: Arbor Day
  • April 30: Independent Book Store Day

april social media holidays - administrative professionals day instagram post example


April social post ideas (not about holidays!)

If April social media holidays don’t mesh with your business, we’ve got you covered with these social media ideas that aren’t holiday related:

Post a series of springtime tips

Whether it be post-winter yard cleanup, garden prep, or spring and summer vacation planning, any tips you can provide your followers to get ready for spring are bound to help your business stand out in news feeds. For example, you could do a series of your recommended springtime to-do list items—which will leave your followers coming back for more.

april social media ideas - instagram post featuring spring tips


Related: Get spring Instagram captions (with templates!) to use all season long.

Give a business update

As you refresh your business for Spring, you may want to give your followers a heads up of any business updates. Similar to how you would update a local listing, you’ll want any changes regarding operating hours or business products posted on social media.

If nothing major has changed about your business, that’s okay too. With the second quarter of the year starting, this is the perfect time to relay a pulse check to your followers about how your business is doing so far in 2023. Share what exciting plans you may have coming in the second half of the year.

april social media ideas - twitter post for business update in april

Switch up your product positioning

Once spring arrives and major holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day have passed, people no longer have to shop for others. Odds are that, in April, your customers will have a larger budget to spend on themselves rather than others. They may even be eager to buy gifts for themselves with gift cards they’ve received over the holidays.

If you’ve previously framed a product or service your business offers as a gift, now is the time to post about how it could work for personal use. Try posting an image highlighting all the personal reasons why someone might want to do business with you. Springtime often calls for marketing plan refreshment, so your product positioning on social media should be no different.

april social media ideas - example of a treat yourself product postioning on local coffee shop instagram

April social media holidays and ideas can bring May results

The results your business will see from these social media ideas are no April Fools’ Day joke. Plus, with a strong marketing strategy backing your social media ideas, your social media presence will be unstoppable.

Once you have your ideas for the month planned out, you can schedule your posts regularly to help you maintain brand consistency. However, if executing on posts is still a hurdle, see how our products and services can help you have the most amazing April yet!

Looking for more to make this month a success? Check out April email subject line ideas!

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