Lately the auto industry seems to be all about change – whether that’s Tesla trying to move to an online-only sales model or New York becoming the first city in the U.S. to seriously consider implementing a congestion charge.  


With uncertainty all around it’s more important than ever to keep up to date with the latest industry news, so you can react fast to changes as they arrive. Luckily, we’re here to make sure you don’t miss a thing! 


Tesla moves to online sales 

Elon Musk of Tesla announced this past week that it is set to close the majority of its dealerships around the world in favor of online sales. Musk stated that he is bringing about the change to allow the company to lower the price of its Model 3 vehicles, slated to go on sale this month.  


Dealership owners are already questioning how this will work from a practical point of view, as reported by Auto News. Don Hall, CEO of the Virginia Automobile Dealer’s Association said in a recent interview that Musk “is going to have problems in a lot of states from a licensing standpoint.” We’ll bring you more on this story as the dust settles.   

Two German car giants join forces 

Daimler and BMW – two long-standing German car-making rivals revealed that they will be working together on a number of projects in the future. From self-driving vehicles to ride-sharing services, the companies have seemingly decided that two heads are better than one when it comes to future-proofing their success. As reported by the BBC, Daimler’s chief executive Dieter Zetsche said, “Further cooperation with other providers, including stakes in start-ups and established players are also a possible option.” 

The agreement will mean that Car2Go – the successful “pay-as-you-drive” Daimler brand – will be merged with BMW’s Drive Now. Along with this they hope to expand the number of electric car charge points across major cities.  


Could congestion charges be coming to Manhattan?  

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced last week that they are considering introducing a congestion charge for any drivers heading into Manhattan below 61st St. The proposed charge would be used in part to fund repairs to the city’s ageing subway. This announcement comes on the back of the introduction of $2.50 additional fees for each taxi journey ($2.75 for ride-sharing) earlier this year.