When it comes to marketing your plumbing business, your website is the foundation for all your efforts. It’s where potential customers will look for information about your services, your reviews, and your team. It’s also where you can capture web visitors and convert them into paying customers.

But to do this successfully, you need a truly great website.

A great website is what will make your business stand out from other plumbers and plumbing chains in your area—and it’s what can help you win over customers from your competitors.

The best plumbing websites have these 11 elements in common.

In this post, we’ll outline 11 elements of the best plumbing websites (with real examples from some of our clients!) so you can find out how to make your web strategy a success.


11 elements of the best plumbing websites ever

Here are the 11 elements the best plumbing websites have—with examples!

1. The best plumbing websites are designed for mobile

This is a crucial first step. Not only does Google now index the mobile version of your website over the desktop version, but over 60% of web traffic comes from mobile.

So, without a mobile-first website, you’re missing out on an opportunity to rank higher on Google and you could be losing customers due to a negative customer experience.

For example, if someone is searching for an emergency plumber right from their phone, they want a site they can navigate on their phone and call directly with the tap of a button. So make sure your website looks and functions great on mobile devices so you can keep your customers happy and get more of them!

best plumbing websites - mobile

Here’s an example of a great mobile plumbing website from Parley’s PPM Plumbing

2. The best plumbing websites have a strong call-to-action

A strong call-to-action (CTA) is another must that all the best plumbing websites have. Your website CTA is how you direct web visitors to take the next step to become your customer.

Great CTAs for plumbers include:

  • Get a free quote
  • Book my service now
  • Book now
  • Get help
  • Call now
  • Chat now
  • Get a free estimate

Make sure your CTA is relevant to either your offer or how to contact you and include CTAs throughout your site.

best plumbing websites - rw hvac - cta

RW HVAC has a CTA for web visitors to check out their specials.

3. The best plumbing websites clearly outline services

Plumbers typically offer a range of services, so the best plumbing websites clearly outline areas of specialty plus any additional services. For example, if your business focuses solely on drain cleaning rather than emergency plumbing, you will want to highlight the types of work you do on your website so a potential customer knows when and why to contact you.

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This will help to refine your site content around the keywords that are most related to what you do, which ensures that you’re getting high-quality and relevant leads from your plumbing website.

best plumbing websites - services page and navigation

Speedy Clean Drain & Sewer clearly outlines their services using dropdown navigation. They also have a services page where you can click to the service you’re interested in to learn more. 

4. The best plumbing websites use a local SEO strategy

You want your plumbing website to get found in search results, right? Who doesn’t!? Without a local SEO strategy, though, it’s going to be near-impossible for that to happen. Plumbing is a competitive industry, so it’s important that your website is optimized for the right keywords and areas you service to increase your chances of showing up when a potential customer needs you.

best plumbing websites - ppm plumbing - local seo

Parley’s PPM Plumbing has a lot of great content that often includes a local focus to help them show up in search results. 

This means including keyword-rich and relevant content on your website about all your services and your service areas, plus keeping that content constantly fresh and updated.

5. The best plumbing websites provide helpful information

One way to keep your website constantly updated with relevant and keyword-rich content is by having a blog for your plumbing business. You can post educational and helpful content and resources as part of your plumber marketing that will position you as a resource, build trust with your audience, and help you get found for relevant searches.

best plumbing websites - rw hvac - blog

RW HVAC has a blog where they publish relevant plumbing content. 

6. The best plumbing websites include a mission statement or about section

Your website is the perfect place to showcase who you are and what your business is about. You might be thinking “I’m a plumber. I’m about plumbing.” But we know that every business has a story, and you started your business or started working with the business to help people solve problems in their homes.

The best plumbing websites include an About page that has information about their business, their history, and oftentimes their mission statement. This is a great way to build trust and can also help you stand out from the competition. If someone is choosing between your locally owned and operated business with a combined 125 years of experience or a chain business with no story they can connect with, chances are, they’re going to choose you!

best plumbing websites - speedy clean - about us

Here’s a great About Us page from Speedy Clean Drain & Sewer.

7. The best plumbing websites make it easy to contact

Have you ever visited a plumbing website and had to dig to find a way to contact them? Probably not, because most people won’t even bother looking—they’ll simply leave the site, go back to Google, and click on the next result to see if it’s easier to contact them.

You want to make it easy for every visitor to your website to contact you, which includes providing multiple ways to get in touch right from your website.

best plumbing websites - ppm plumbing - easy to contact

There are multiple ways to contact Parley’s PPM Plumbing right from the homepage of their site. 

8. …like with a live chat feature

A live chat feature on your website is a huge asset because it allows you to provide helpful information that can increase your chances of a customer booking your services, and it gives you a way to collect lead information about your web visitors so you can follow up, nurture them, and convert them into a customer.

Plus, people like live chat. Fifty-one percent of customers prefer live chat over other communication methods because it allows them to multitask, and over 90% feel satisfied after using live chat.

best plumbing websites - rw hvac - live chat

You can contact RW HVAC multiple ways on their site, including through live chat. 

9. The best plumbing websites build trust with reviews

Finding the right plumber can be tricky. You’re letting someone into your home and trusting them to do a good job for you and your family. People are looking for a plumber they can trust.

The best plumbing websites include customer testimonials or reviews directly on the site to immediately build trust, showcase their great work, and provide social proof.

You can either feature testimonials from your current customers with a client quote and potentially a picture, or you can pull in Google reviews or reviews from Yelp so people can easily find out what others are saying about you.

best plumbing websites - speedy clean - testimonials and reviews

Speedy Clean Drain & Sewer has a page filled with customer testimonials. 

10. The best plumbing websites provide discounts or offers to entice new customers

One way to make your business stand out and capture more customers through your website is to offer and highlight discounts or promotions—especially for new customers. This can make new customers feel better about trying your services because there’s a discounted cost. Then, once you provide amazing service, you’ll win their business long-term. This can also help them choose you over a competitor that doesn’t advertise offers through their plumbing website.

best plumbing websites - rw hvac - offers promotions and specials

RW HVAC offers specials directly from their site. 

11. The best plumbing websites are easy to find across the web

Once you have the best plumbing website around, it’s not going to do any good if people aren’t finding it. We talked about the importance of an SEO strategy, but it’s also important to direct all your other marketing efforts back to your website. For example, you’ll want to run local PPC ads—including Local Services Ads—and potentially display ads to drive more traffic to your site and capture more leads.

(Psst: Get an idea of what to expect from your plumbing ads with our home services advertising benchmarks.)

You can (and should!) also direct any offline marketing tactics like print ads or mailers to your website and can use tracking URLs, like UTMs, to understand what marketing is working to drive the most leads to your website.

You should also make sure that your website is listed correctly on all local listings for your business, including Google My Business and Bing Business, as these are important channels potential customers might use to find your services.

best plumbing websites - ppm plumbing - other marketing and listings

Parley’s PPM Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling has an updated and optimized Google My Business listing that links to their website. 


Learn from the best plumbing websites

Your website is the cornerstone of your home services marketing, and by including the elements of the best plumbing websites we’ve seen, you can ensure success and win over new business.

Here are the 11 elements of the best plumbing websites across the web:

  1. Mobile-friendly or responsive
  2. Include a strong call-to-action
  3. Clearly outline the services you provide
  4. Use local SEO
  5. Provide educational or helpful information
  6. Feature a mission statement or about section
  7. Offer discounts or coupons
  8. Make it easy for customers to contact from the site
  9. Have a live chat feature
  10. Build trust with reviews
  11. Make it easy to find online

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