I’ve been thinking and”¯talking”¯a lot about branded storytelling lately ““ the great work that the GET Creative branded content team produces as part of the USA TODAY NETWORK, and the inspiration for what makes a brand connect with an audience. When I meet with clients and potential clients, I spend a lot of time talking about”¯stories that matter ““ using branded content as an opportunity for a brand to connect with an idea, a deeper meaning, a truth.

I came across a fascinating post on the Vimeo blog the digs into Square’s marketing strategy which focuses almost wholly on storytelling ““ celebrating the stories of small business owners. “¯

I’d encourage you to give the post a read and watch the videos. Those stories are emotional and inspirational, and connected tightly to an overarching idea. The operational strategy is also fascinating, and it’s exciting to me to see the parallels between their principles and”¯our ideals ““ that leading with the story can be extraordinarily powerful.

Our mission with branded content is to make the world a better place through content that informs our audience, inspires them to engage with ideas, and connects them to the movements, organizations, and brands that are making our communities a better place to live.

As the branded content studio of the USA TODAY NETWORK, our team is committed to bringing the stories of the local and national businesses we work with to life using three tried and true principals:

  • Inform the audience with relevant content that enriches their lives.
  • Engage them with dynamic, innovative, and powerful storytelling that elicits emotion.
  • Connect audiences to the advertiser through meaningful messages, organic links, clear calls to action, and strategic promotional campaigns.

Telling stories with branded content is an opportunity. Sure, it can educate an audience about a product offering and encourage users to follow a direct call to action, but it can be so much more.

What we really do here is help tell business owners’ stories by answering questions the audience didn’t even know they had:


  • Why is a business driven to do, create, and sell what they do?
  • Why did they go into business?
  • Why do their customers love them?
  • Why does their brand matter?

The conversations that these questions spark often plant the seed for an effective branded content strategy. Through this conversation, we’re able to unlock the value a business has in their community and grow a meaningful connection with our audience through that story.

Over the coming weeks, several members of the GET Creative team ““ from content strategy, to program management, to social media and operations ““ will be sharing their hard-earned, on-the-ground insights right here on the LOCALiQ blog! I can’t wait for you to hear from the bright, intelligent and experienced members of our team!

Our branded content studio believes the brands and companies of our nation ““ from the largest and most well-known, to the entrepreneur in middle America ““ should be among the voices that lead conversations in their communities.

A brand’s story is an opportunity to engage the right audience on a trusted platform, inform them on topics that are relevant to their lives, and connect in a powerful way.

Learn more about branded content here, and reach out if you’d like to speak with one of our experts.

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