Perhaps the most disorienting aspect of the coronavirus is uncertainty. As a nation, we are grappling with big issues ““ how to keep our loved ones safe and stay afloat financially ““ and small ones, like what kind of food to buy when we go to the grocery store. To add to the confusion, people are physically isolated from the guidance and comfort of friends, coworkers, pastors, and others, leaving them to find information when and where they can online, alone.

Right now, it feels like there’s so much we can’t do. But companies across industries and fields can provide valuable information, advice, and leadership that people need during this time through branded content.

Branded content provides expertise people can’t get elsewhere.

During a global pandemic that changes every aspect of daily living, people have questions that aren’t necessarily being covered by news outlets. This is where branded content comes in: Experts from every sector have knowledge that can benefit society and help them navigate difficult times. Importantly, branded content offers area experts ““ community leaders who can speak to the unique challenges and situations that local audiences can’t find in national news.

Let’s look at just a few ways this might play out across industries.


Obviously, healthcare entities have an enormous opportunity during coronavirus to help educate and empower the community. Few people have access to nearby medical professionals who can guide them through the ins-and-outs of an everchanging situation ““ they want to hear from local leaders in the medical field.

Hospitals, clinics and medical professionals can provide up-to-date information on their capacities for testing, intensive care and other vital information. They’re also in the position to discuss how to recover from mild to moderate cases of infection at home, what additional precautions should be taken for vulnerable groups, how to stay physically and mentally fit during social distancing and more.


Americans are equally concerned about their economic futures as they are about their health. Financial leaders can provide much-needed peace-of-mind, discussing things like how to file for unemployment, saving strategies during uncertain times, investment strategies during a turbulent market, how the coronavirus might affect a retirement plans, how to take advantage of government incentives, and how to complete a will or personal endowment.

Senior Living

Senior living communities are in a unique position to discuss ways to increase safety and protect the health of older Americans ““ after all, it’s their business. Branded content enables these local companies to extend their knowledge to a nation of people who suddenly find themselves as first-time caregivers. Further, as access to some senior living communities becomes restricted, these facilities can provide advice and guidance on how to stay connected with loved ones.


How can healthy or sick Americans navigate Medicare and Medicaid as their needs change due to coronavirus? What should businesses know about existing or future pandemic insurance? How can people prepare for health care costs now, before they are sick? Insurance companies can help drive these important conversations and educate readers on current and future options.

Grocers & Pharmacies

How are grocers and pharmacies working to keep everyone safe while still providing vital goods and services to local residents? Showing how these companies are continuing to safely serve the community during this time helps alleviate stress and strengthen relationships with customers ““ whether it’s a grocer modifying store hours to serve the elderly, or a pharmacy offering prescription delivery options for those in need.


As people find themselves working from home for extended periods of time, they may need help learning how to maximize their space for productivity from designers and retailers in the know. Or, they may need recommendations from home services providers on how to improve the speed of their internet or increase their home security system. While the circumstances that are driving many of us to work from home aren’t ideal, good habits and the right tools can make the home office productive.


As vehicles sit unused for potentially months on end, there are maintenance issues that people should be keeping an eye on. And if their car does break, consumers will need to know where they can go for help locally.

Arts & Entertainment

Is your museum or theater broadcasting exhibitions or performances? Help connect people to your offerings and gain a new appreciation for the arts. With popular sports postponing schedules, attractions wisely closing their doors, and families staying home, many people are actively seeking entertainment that enriches their lives.

Right now, consumers are facing a multitude of problems. Companies who are able to anticipate these needs ““ and provide meaningful solutions ““ aren’t just offering a much-needed service now. They’re establishing trust in their brand that will extend well into the future.

At GET Creative, USA TODAY NETWORK’s in-house branded content studio ““ we have a long history of helping brands tell the right story at the right time. During these extraordinary circumstances, we have already partnered with clients to create branded content that speaks to the coronavirus, utilizing custom and turnkey solutions that allow for relevant, timely messages to be distributed on the vast USA TODAY NETWORK. This network ““ comprised of hundreds of local markets and with more than 125 million readers ““ is a powerful engine for amplifying your company’s message. If you’re interested in learning about how to get involved in the process, contact us.