Sometimes when you’re surfing along on your favorite social media platform, you come across a video, image, or article from a company that doesn’t really seem like an advertisement. Or when you make a Google search, the top result looks really helpful and you click it without even realizing it’s a paid ad. This type of advertising is called branded content, and it’s a rapidly growing way to engage audiences without making them feel bombarded. Adding branded content to your marketing mix is a smart move that can give your local business cost-effective results.

Here are some reasons why!

It’s a Way to Provide Valuable Content

The format of branded content follows that of the platform it’s developed for both in terms of visual design and message, like the News Feed ads on Facebook or content recommendation widgets that readers see at the end of an article – and, hopefully, click on to read the advertised content. It works because it strikes readers as a natural part of their online experience, and because it proves to be valuable content. People are quick to reject content that makes them feel they’re wasting their time, so your content has a very brief opportunity to make a positive impression and convince a potential viewer of its value.

It’s Flexible & Creative

Whether your branded content is reaching prospects on their smartphones as they make mobile searches or at the end of an article in their favorite publication, what matters is that it can reach them wherever they are. The potential placement of branded content is limited only by your creativity, because the concept is so flexible and versatile.

  • Become a trusted authority: Don’t just talk about your products and brand. Use the opportunity to discuss your industry and its trends and establish your voice as a trusted and authoritative resource people can rely on.
  • Take advantage of video content: Show prospects and customers critical information that will help them arrive at a buying decision they’re confident in. Whether it’s in-depth background or instructional content that lets them see how your product or service can lighten their load, video is engaging and allows you to convey a great deal of information in a short time.
  • Use interactive media: Create branded content that makes it more fun and engaging for consumers to spend time learning about your local business and how your products will help them do what they need or want to do more efficiently, effectively, or easily.

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of producing this branded content. You don’t need an in-house production team to take advantage of this powerful advertising strategy. LOCALiQ will work with you to create the right content for your marketing goals and help you place them in the most effective channels for your target audiences. We’ll help you tell your brand story in a way that your most likely buyers will actually want to hear”¦or read”¦or view.

It’s Super Effective

Here are a few more ways branded content marketing connects with consumers and helps your local business:

  • It feels less intrusive: Because branded content marketing is designed to look and feel like the rest of the content surrounding it, consumers are less likely to find it annoying or disruptive, and more likely to be receptive to its message.
  • It can override ad fatigue: Today’s consumers are exposed to huge numbers of ads on a daily basis, and they’ve started learning how to ignore them. Well-crafted branded content marketing presents the consumer with something enjoyable and valuable, so they’ll continue to engage with it.
  • It builds brand affinity: The messaging in branded content is aimed at providing useful information, rather than presenting an explicit pitch for a product or service. As consumers come to trust the authority and accuracy of your branded content, they’ll build a perception of your brand as a trustworthy resource and a sense of brand affinity.
  • It gives readers a sense of your brand value: Branded content is a form of content advertising, but its true value is much deeper than delivering a pitch. It’s a way to familiarize consumers with your brand’s history, philosophy, and story, and that ultimately gives them a greater sense of your brand value.

Adopting branded content marketing as part of a multi-channel marketing plan can give your brand better visibility and recognition in its target audiences and make those audiences more receptive to your brand messages.

LOCALiQ is Here to Help

If your local business has been looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to reach more consumers and generate and convert more leads, LOCALiQ is here to help! Our integrated marketing solutions and professional support make branded content and every other aspect of your marketing approachable and understandable. Let’s talk about how we can help you discover your most likely buyers and the best ways to reach them.

Read how this client used branded content, along with other LOCALiQ marketing solutions, to help them raise awareness for their mission and connect with their community.

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