We’ve made this digital marketing blog an easy read. Just 5 minutes and you get everything you need to know about automotive branded content – the “what,” “why” and “how.”

  • What automotive branded content is (and isn’t).
  • Why your dealership needs branded content.
  • How LOCALiQ AUTOMOTIVE does it better than other marketing partners.


Okay, there’s also the “when” of automotive branded content. As in, when should your dealership start creating branded content. But that can be summed up with a simple – right now.

What Is Branded Content?

Branded content is, well, content. It’s not like traditional advertising that pushes a strong promotional message and clear call to action. Content doesn’t “sell” – its job is to entertain, inform and inspire consumers. How does it achieve that?

Branded content takes a number of different formats (think all the stuff you just have to click on when scrolling online):

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Quizzes

Automotive branded content does something most advertising can’t – truly connect with consumers who aren’t yet ready to buy. Because content provides what they really want: the opportunity to be moved, motivated, made to laugh and more. And while that’s happening, dealership awareness and loyalty grow, which means sales further down the road.


Why Your Dealership Needs Branded Content


When it comes to branded content, dealerships have to fight the urge to “sell.” Because automotive content isn’t the wimpy cousin of advertising. Branded content has its own marketing muscle – and it’s stat strong.

  • 86% of consumers recall brands after seeing branded content, compared to 65% after seeing pre-roll ads.  (Nielsen Insights)

When working on your branded content strategy, keep in mind it pays to partner with professionals. According to Nielsen analysis, marketers that distribute branded content in partnership with a publisher see a 50% or higher brand lift than those who publish it on their own.


Want more brand lift data? Check this out:
Does Branded Content Drive Brand Lift? (Spoiler alert: the answer is yes.)

Pair brand lift publishing results with the fact that 65% of marketers say it’s challenging to produce their own engaging branded content, and you’ve got the perfect transition to…


How LOCALiQ Does Branded Content –
And Does It Best


Let’s say you’re a dealer in search of a national leader with extensive expertise targeting local audiences via innovative branded content. What would you look for in a team?

A partner that features:

  • An unparalleled network of content developers – over 2,000 journalists across the USA TODAY NETWORK in over 100 local markets.
  • A branded content studio with top professionals in journalism, brand storytelling and design – developing data-driven branded content that educates, inspires and entertains.
  • A client success team optimizing branded content campaigns on a trusted news platform – by combining strategic targeted display, organic and boosted social posts.

A network of local markets – and the insights that come with it – a branded content studio and a client success team? Plus, more competitive advantages than can fit within the word limit of this blog? That narrows down choices for best branded content partner to, well, LOCALiQ AUTOMOTIVE.


Contact us to learn more about branded content – and why there’s no better team for your team than LOCALiQ AUTOMOTIVE. 


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