If you’ve ever been scammed, you know it’s a terrible feeling. You feel helpless, taken advantage of, and angry that something like that happened to you.

For John Ramer, owner of Kitsap Garage Door Co., he noticed that many of his friends, neighbors, and customers were falling victim to garage door scams. Scammers were posing as businesses like his and taking peoples’ money, not delivering on what was promised, and then disappearing.

At its height, John says he was receiving three to five calls per day from people who had been scammed, believing they had worked with his business when they had, in fact, worked with a scammer. He wanted to find a way to help them understand what to look for to avoid being scammed.

“I wanted to educate the community because our friends, our families live in this community, and we wouldn’t want this to happen to them,” said John.

So, he partnered with LOCALiQ for our Branded Content solution. Through branded content articles, he was able to educate his community about the presence of garage door scammers, how they operate, and what to look out for. As a result, his articles were shared nearly 500 times, and customers were able to determine they had been scammed. Others were able to avoid being scammed from the tips shared in John’s articles.

One customer, Joshua Johnson, read the articles and shared them with his friends and family so they wouldn’t be victims of this scam.

“Kitsap Garage Door went above and beyond. They took the opportunity to not only educate customers, but give us a resource,” said Joshua.

John says the reaction to his articles has been overwhelming. Customers and the community are blown away that he would provide this information, and it’s further positioned Kitsap Garage Door as a trusted resource and business in Kitsap County.

Watch the video to learn more about John’s story, and contact us to learn more about how LOCALiQ solutions can help you educate your community and grow your business.