Dealing with sticky situations can be a nightmare, except when it comes to branded content strategies. Then you want it as “sticky” as possible.  

Branded content’s goal is to “stick in the mind” of everyone who comes into contact with it. This type of marketing entertains, informs, educates and inspires – and along the way, it builds relationships. Branded content articles aren’t there to sell. But if branded content marketing is done correctly, it can set up the sale. Especially if you boost it. 

To develop sticky branded content for your dealership, start with these proven steps: 

  • Nail it: get in early on the auto buyer journey    

  • Boost it: expand reach and increase engagement 

  • Track it: partner with a publisher for data insights 

Nail It: Get in Early on the Auto Buyer Journey    

A strong branded content strategy can earn your dealership top-of-mind with customers in the early stages of the buying journey. And it can keep it top-of-mind, all the way through to the decision-making process. Which is exactly where you and your sales team want it.   

By sharing branded content articles that are helpful and interesting, you create connection. Your dealership website becomes a trusted source for all things automotive. But don’t stop there. Publish articles and videos on other platforms to extend your audience reach – and benefit from the positive association of being on those respected platforms.   

Premium publishers have the added advantage of producing a Halo Effect across branded content and digital advertising. In fact, they’re three times more effective in driving mid-funnel metrics, including customer favorability, consideration and intent to recommend. All critical in the auto buyer journey.     

Boost It: Expand Reach and Increase Engagement  

Once you’ve created branded content, boost it. Remember to tweak the branded content articles for each social media platform, though, so they blend seamlessly with the publisher’s site.  

By paying to get your branded content in front of more people, your dealership can:  

  • Expand reach with targeted display advertising and audience targeting 

  • Increase engagement with audiences that trust the publisher via social ads  

The Halo Effect study showed – when advertising on premium publisher sites, compared to non-premium sites – the average brand lift was also higher for the top and bottom phases of the funnel.   

  • 32% better on top-funnel metrics (awareness, recall and message association)  

  • 9% better on bottom-funnel metrics (purchase intent and share of consumer choice) 

The conclusion being, it pays to pay for premium publishers when boosting your content – and ensuring your dealership’s financial funnel future. We can help boost your branded content in all the right places.  

Peek into the future: See how USA Today Network, the local news publisher, is using targeting technology beyond ads and working personalization into its digital product.  

Track It: Partner with a Publisher for Data Insights 

By partnering with a publisher, your dealership’s digital advertising can immediately expand reach and increase engagement. But it’s what comes next that’s even more important – the data.  

Data gives you insights to create even more powerful branded content campaigns. With these insights, you can:  

  • Identify the best audience(s) 

  • Understand the target audience’s interests and habits 

  • Determine the best formats for content and target audience 

  • Optimize dealership marketing through A/B testing – headlines, creative, ad formats, etc.

Publishers know their platforms. When your dealership partners with them, you’ll benefit from the fact that they continuously monitor their own data. Publishers know what type of content their audiences engage with; which formats work for what topics; and what days and times are best to publish – and boost – your branded content advertising.  

Speaking of publishers that know their stuff, USA Today and its focus on data were the subject of a recent Adweek article. Each month our company reaches more than 125 million people across print, online and mobile devices. It’s what makes it possible to gather data that determines what stories – and branded content –  will perform best in each industry. Not just nationally and regionally, but locally. Branded content ads are placed next to trusted content, a strategy that can be a real game changer for dealership marketing campaigns.  

Stick the Branding: Bringing It All Together 

Branded content builds brand awareness. So when a customer is finally ready to buy a vehicle, your dealership “sticks” in their mind. That’s because you’ve already established a relationship with them – you’ve entertained, educated and inspired them. They trust your dealership before ever stepping foot on your lot.  

Ready to start your branded content marketing campaign? “Stick” to these steps:  

  • Nail it: get in early on the auto buyer journey    

  • Boost it: expand reach and increase engagement 

  • Track it: partner with a publisher for data insights 

There’s a lot more to navigating the world of branded content marketing, but this is a solid start.  


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