It can be difficult to nail down the key cannabis consumer groups. That’s why we collaborated with Clear Source Analytics to survey cannabis consumers ““ we wanted to understand who they are, what matters most to them, and how cannabis businesses, with our help, can best reach them. We’ll be sharing some information about the top cannabis consumer groups we discovered right here.

Baby Boomers represent over 42 million people and spend roughly $682 million on cannabis products. They’re the largest percentage of cannabis acceptors (a subgroup of cannabis consumers we discuss here) with a potential spend of over $1 billion. The majority of Boomers are married, some have had college or technical school, and about a third are living on a fixed income.

What Makes Baby Boomers Unique?

Baby boomers are high cannabis spenders and are more loyal than affluent families. These cannabis consumers typically visit a dispensary monthly, fewer times than affluent families, and the majority of them make purchasing decisions based on price. Location is also important to them, with nearly half of boomers finding a dispensary because it’s close to home or work.

Baby boomers prefer alternative medicine and organic products and are typically using cannabis products as a solution to pain and anxiety.

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How Can you Reach Baby Boomers?

Because baby boomers are visiting dispensaries fewer times than other groups, the kinds of rewards programs that would attract other types of cannabis consumers are less effective. However, because Boomers value good prices and great customer service, these are two areas to potentially highlight in your marketing. Additionally, because this group primarily uses cannabis products for health-related reasons, providing information and resources to support this may help you attract new cannabis consumers in the Boomer demographic.

Employing geo-targeting can also help you win customers in this group as they predominately choose dispensaries near their home or work.

Ready to learn more about this key demographic of cannabis consumers? We have even more insights and information about baby boomers that we’d love to share with you, along with ways you can reach them in the ways that matter most.

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