It can be difficult to nail down the key cannabis consumer groups. That’s why we collaborated with Clear Source Analytics to survey cannabis consumers — we wanted to understand who they are, what matters most to them, and how cannabis businesses, with our help, can best reach them. We’ll be sharing some information about the different groupings of cannabis consumers we discovered right here.

Frequent Shoppers include over 240 million people who spend a whopping $1.3 billion on cannabis and related products. This group is diverse; half are between 21-34 years old and about a third are between 35-54 years old.

What Makes Frequent Shoppers Unique?

Frequent shoppers are high spenders but they’re not loyal. They visit a dispensary three-to-four times per month and their key motivator for using cannabis products is to relieve or manage stress.

Frequent shoppers are interested in dispensaries with good prices and a good selection of products and strains.

Cannabis Consumer Frequent Shoppers Stat - LOCALiQ

How Can you Reach Frequent Shoppers?

While frequent shoppers aren’t a very loyal group, they do value the use of rewards cards so they can rack up points during their visits. Additionally, these cannabis consumers trusts news websites and enjoys curated content offered by Instagram and Pinterest. So, you can use marketing tactics like branded content to curate content for this audience within the news sites they already trust.

This group of cannabis consumers also indicated that they like to be notified of promos through emails and text messages, so that’s another opportunity for your business to reach them.

Want to learn more about this key demographic of cannabis consumers? We have even more insights and information about frequent shoppers that we’d love to share with you, along with tactics for reaching cannabis consumers of all types. Reach out today to learn more.


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