For a market that will be over $20 billion in the U.S. in the coming year, there isn’t much insight on cannabis consumers, and — even more importantly — little insight into the large majority of people that will likely become consumers and accelerate the industry in the coming years. We’ve talked to businesses in need of guidance on the constantly evolving legal landscape around cannabis advertising, but their questions were more deeply rooted in understanding consumers. More specifically, they wanted to understand the perceptions of key consumer segments, their drivers, and whether they are recreational or medical users. In short, they wanted help with cannabis marketing.

So, we decided to put together a national survey in order to address these, and other, questions around cannabis marketing.

To take this study to the next level, USA TODAY NETWORK collaborated with Clear Source Analytics to pair our findings with consumer data derived from 10 million+ mobile moments. This combination gave us a great understanding of the cannabis consumer — their behaviors, patterns, the content they consume, and their trusted sources of information. Most importantly, we wanted to produce insights that drive smarter cannabis marketing investments for our partners. Wherever your brand or business might be, we want to help you think about your brand, how to pull customers in with your story, educate and earn their trust, and ultimately, drive brand choice.

The resulting report provides a level of insight and direction about the types of cannabis consumers in the U.S., their buying patterns, why they use cannabis, and the most effective cannabis marketing strategies to reach each group.

For example, we found that Affluent Families are active cannabis buyers, and 71% in this group value a dispensary that grows and sells its own products. Additionally, we found that moms in this group are more brand loyal than dads — shopping at only one dispensary in the past three months. To target this group, a dispensary might need to combine a handful of cannabis marketing approaches, even though individual users may live in the same household.

With insights like this, we’re able to help businesses target their most likely consumers and hone in on the cannabis marketing tactics that will best resonate.

We’d love to share this report with you and talk more about the opportunities in the cannabis industry. Reach out today to learn more.

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