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No matter what industry or field you’re in, telling a clear, cohesive, and compelling brand story is important. But if you market a CBD brand, there’s even more on the line when it comes to building a great brand with a strong story.

In our recent CBD marketing survey, we confirmed that a strong brand was important to CBD consumers.

Let me walk you through everything you need to know about brand story, from what it is and why it matters to how to speak to consumers about CBD brands.

What Is Brand Story?

Storytelling is one of humanity’s oldest traditions. From the bards of prehistory to the social media influencers of today, we’ve always reacted to stories because they speak to us on an emotional level.

Consumers know when they’re being sold to, but they enjoy making a connection with a person, brand, or product. So, when a brand shares a story that speaks to a deep need, touches a heartstring, or connects with their sense of meaning and purpose, that’s when consumers become loyal followers of that brand.

Good brand stories do just that. They’re integrated into a brand’s broader marketing strategy and are pieces that come together to tell a cohesive, emotionally-driven story about who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

Why Does It Matter?

Brand story matters because it’s how you stand out from the competition. In the world of CBD, so much is still new. Even regular users are recent adopters of CBD products.

In our survey, we found that 63% of CBD users have been using CBD for one year or less. That means that brands have a huge opportunity to define their place in the market now. There are no industry titans to topple, so every CBD brand out there has the chance to create a brand story that puts them on top.

Four out of 10 current users think all CBD brands are similar. If you can separate yourself from the competition and define your edge this early in the game, you set your brand up for long-term success. If you get things right now, you have the opportunity to become an industry leader and standard-bearer.

How Do You Build a Brand Story?

Now you have a greater sense of the tremendous value in creating a unique and compelling story for your brand. Here’s how you do it.

1. Talk to Your Existing Customers

Part of creating that emotional connection with consumers is speaking to their deepest needs. CBD is used to address health concerns like stress, anxiety, sleeping issues, and chronic pain. These problems can have real effects on people’s lives and take an emotional and physical toll.

Learn what it is that made your existing customers turn to you for help with these problems. What made you stand out from other CBD brands? What about your mission, team, product, reviews, or marketing made them trust you above everyone else?

When you can get to the heart of how you enticed your existing customers, you can better shape your messaging for prospects.

2. Speak to Relevant Segments

Not all CBD users are alike. In our survey, we identified four main categories of CBD consumers: frequent users, affluent families, wellness warriors, and holistic pain relief seekers.

Each segment had different motivations for using CBD and different problems they’re looking to solve. When you understand which segments are most likely to engage with your specific products, you can better tailor your brand story to their needs. If your products are a good fit across all segments, understanding their similarities and differences among these groups allows you to get granular in your marketing of individual products, while still maintaining a broad and cohesive overall story that can speak to all relevant consumers.

3. Focus on Trust

The one thing all CBD users had in common was a focus on selecting a trustworthy brand. Consumers are using CBD to address health concerns, so they’re invested in finding a brand that will not only alleviate their existing problem but also be safe and not cause any additional issues.

Seventy-five percent of all CBD users say that they’re willing to pay more for products they trust, and 65% are concerned with quality standards. This means if you can incorporate trust elements into your brand story (via testimonials, endorsements from influencers, and great placement in trusted news sources), you’ll both win over new business and earn the ability to charge a premium for your products.

Brand storytelling is an essential part of any business’s marketing strategy. For those operating in the wide-open CBD space, defining your brand’s place in the world can help you establish yourself as an industry leader and win over relevant consumers with your thoughtful, compelling brand story.

To learn more about our CBD study or to connect with one of our CBD marketing experts, contact us today.

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