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  • CBD Marketing: Key Characteristics of the Wellness Warrior

The wellness trend has exploded in recent years. People want to look and feel good, and maintaining their health is of the utmost importance.

They’re also looking beyond the bounds of Western medicine to find solutions to staying healthy. Instead, they’re turning to alternative products and regimens and are undertaking a holistic approach to health.

These wellness warriors have also discovered CBD products, and they’re incorporating them into their health-conscious lifestyles. In our CBD study of over 10,000 respondents, we identified the wellness warriors as a key CBD consumer segment.

If you’re looking to reach this booming CBD consumer segment, here’s what you need to know.

They’re Already Healthy

While some may turn to CBD to address existing health issues, wellness warriors are all about prevention. Most describe themselves as being in good to excellent health.

They’re dedicated to keeping it that way by undertaking healthy endeavors like yoga. They’re also looking for products that can complement their health-conscious activities.

As you know, CBD products have many health benefits and can help reduce stress and anxiety and promote better sleep ““ both of which are important components to staying healthy. Emphasizing these particular benefits of CBD can help you capture the attention of wellness-focused consumers.

They Care About What’s in the Products They Consume

Because these consumers work hard to take care of their bodies, they care about what’s in the products they consume. According to our research, 75% buy natural and organic when possible.

They’re also wary of the potential harm that comes with traditional medicine. Seventy-one percent prefer natural alternatives to standard Western medicine remedies.

Help these consumers understand the CBD extraction process so that they know which plants CBD comes from and that the process to isolate the chemical compound is healthy and safe. This will help you build trust with this segment as you market your CBD products to them.

They Will Pay More for Trustworthy Brands

Because these consumers are concerned about where their products come from, they’re willing to pay more for brands they know they can trust. This consumer segment has the highest expectations for CBD brands, with third-party testing being 28% more important to them than to any other consumer group.

It’s worth it for you to take the extra steps to earn their trust. Once they know your brand is safe, they’re happy to pay for it. In fact, 87% will pay more for a CBD product that they know they can trust.

They Use a Variety of Products

Even if these consumers are already using a particular CBD product, there’s still an opportunity for your brand to win their attention. Seventy-nine percent of wellness-minded consumers use one or two forms of CBD every week. And while CBD consumers are typically brand-loyal, if you’re offering a newer delivery method for CBD with your products, you have the opportunity to reach established consumers in this segment.

CBD marketers have a tremendous opportunity to tap into the wellness craze. This movement has grown tremendously over the past decade and shows no signs of slowing down. By proving that your products are safe and natural, you’ll be able to reach this important consumer segment.

Want to learn more about marketing to wellness warriors to grow your CBD brand? We have even more data and insights we can share with your from our study, and we’d love to partner with you to help you build trust with your consumers and elevate your brand. Contact one of our CBD marketing experts today!

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