What happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Leading experts recently presented 62 marketing sessions during the Digital Dealer Conference & Expo – and we’ve collected links to recordings of presentations that covered the industry’s top marketing trends.  


Automotive Marketing Trends 

Trade show speakers focused on a wide range of trending automotive marketing subjects, including:               

  • Social media: Youtube, Facebook and Pinterest 

  • SEO, listings, reviews and reputation management 

  • Strategy and best practices 

  • Customer experience 

  • Creative 


Social Media: Youtube, Facebook and Pinterest 


Straight from the mouths of Google, Facebook and Pinterest representatives – automotive marketing trends and tips on how to generate leads, improve performance, avoid mistakes and more. 

How Dealers Can Use YouTube to Reach In-Market Shoppers 

  • Learn to engage car shoppers throughout the purchase funnel with YouTube videos.  

  • Learn to generate more leads by targeting in-market prospects and lookalike audiences with YouTube ads. 

  • Learn to increase in-store traffic by helping shoppers compare options with videos. 

Facebook Q&A: What’s New and How to Get Better Results with Facebook 

  • Discover new features and options to help increase the performance of Facebook ads. 

  • Discover strategies for improving the results of Facebook ad campaigns. 

  • Learn common mistakes that can hurt ad results – and how to avoid them. 


Direct from Pinterest: How to Create Visual Campaigns on Pinterest During Key Life Moments that Resonate and Trigger Vehicle Purchases 

  • Gain appreciation for the importance of aligning marketing objectives with life moments. 

  • Discover how to reach consumers at the beginning of their purchase journey, when they’re most open to possibilities. 

  • Learn how to create visual campaigns that resonate. 


SEO, Listings, Reviews and Reputation Management 


Lots of good stuff here, crucial tactics you’ve “heard” (read) us address in the past – with interesting new automotive marketing trends and takes on SEO, reviews and reputation scores.  

How to Stop Sabotaging Your Local SEO Results 

  • Learn how to optimize your Google My Business listing. 

  • Learn how to audit your listing citation profile for errors. 

  • Learn how to decrease the chances of sabotaging your dealership’s results. 


Online Reviews: More Is Not Always the Answer 

  • Learn which measures are most important when evaluating your dealership’s reputation. 

  • Find out why review count and average ratings don’t tell the whole story – and learn how to track your reputation. 

  • Learn strategies to get the most out of your review management process. 

Get Your Customers to Love You 365 Days a Year and Maintain the Highest Star Rating in Your Market  

  • Learn why it’s important to stop making salespeople and service advisors responsible for generating reviews. 

  • Learn how to automate review solicitations – and who to solicit reviews from. 

  • Learn how to respond to reviews to maximize the benefits of good reviews and minimize the negative effects of bad ones. 


Strategy and Best Practices 


Trust and transparency, presidential campaigns, smart data. Everyone, including the automotive industry, is affected by – and talking about – these customer-critical issues. Plus, more automotive marketing trends. 

How to Harness the Power of Presidential Campaign Marketing to Drive Shoppers and Sales 

  • Learn how to hit the right audiences with hyper-specific messages.  

  • Learn how to set up social media campaign goals that mirror the proven methods of multi-million-dollar political campaigns. 


Embrace Audience Planning Strategies with Smart Data to Avoid Spray-and-Pray Targeting 

  • Understand the concept of audience planning prior to media planning – identify who you want to reach for various campaigns (new car, used car or service) and then determine the best way to reach that audience only. 


4 Tips to Conquest and Retain More Customers with Personalized, Cross-Channel Marketing 

  • Understand what customer experience means to consumers today. 

  • Learn how to create an omnichannel approach to meet consumers where they are. 

  • Learn how to develop an end-to-end experience to increase customer engagement. 



Customer Experience 


What’s trending in automotive marketing trends? A concept as low-tech as customer experience, combined with high-tech tools, techniques and methodologies. 

Why It Pays to Think Like a Customer: Optimizing Your Website in the Age of Digital Retailing 

  • Learn to identify user experience problems on your website by viewing it from the perspective of customers – and make changes that improve conversion and engagement. 

  • Demystify website loading reports. 


Managing the Digital Customer Experience: A Conversation with Porsche and INFINITI 

  • Identify key steps automotive consumers take today on the digital customer journey. 

  • Learn new methodologies and tools to effectively shape and improve the overall customer experience. 

  • Integrate your digital customer experience efforts with in-dealership customer experience efforts. 


Can You Handle the Truth? Unlock the Secrets Inside Your Modern-Day Shopper’s Mind 

  • Learn how to apply advanced marketing strategies to best target and engage the modern-day consumer. 

  • Learn what consumers really think about automotive digital retailing experiences. 

  • Refine marketing and lead handling tactics to communicate with the platform(s) consumers prefer. 



Creative is mission critical. And, not to quibble, but we have talked about it – 33 times, as of this writing – in Automotive Marketing Blog.  

The One Word Nobody is Talking About, CREATIVE!  

  • Understand why creative is so important. 

  • Understand creative messaging specific to your advertising medium for both branding and retail. 

  • Learn how to adjust advertising efforts based on a campaign goal(s). 


Looking for more auto marketing trends from “VIN City”? Check out recordings of all the presentations at Digital Dealer 27: Sessions & Speakers. Until next year!  


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