In the digital age, we’ve seen a huge shift towards a democratization of technology. Technology products and services that used to be available only to those with huge budgets can now be acquired by just about anyone.

We’ve seen this shift in the marketing world, too. Many premium marketing tactics are now in reach for everyone ““ from giant, decades-old corporations to local businesses just starting out. Let me walk you through three of these tactics that would have been too expensive or too difficult for local businesses to implement in the past but are now more accessible to all business owners.

Custom Creative

Professional advertising used to be something that only big brands could afford. Agencies based out of the biggest U.S. cities would put together flashy, expensive campaigns for a hefty fee. You’d see their dazzling creative on billboards or in commercials on the major networks while watching your favorite shows.

Advertising today, though, is a much vaster world. The variety of ads is greater than ever. Yes, TV, print, and radio ads still exist. But now you can also advertise on social media, search engines, podcasts, and just about anywhere else you can think of on the internet.

Along with access to more advertising channels has come access to custom creative at a reasonable price. You no longer have to outsource design to a specialized firm and involve a team of creatives to work on story, storyboards, illustration, casting, and more. Now, many digital marketing agencies provide custom creative in-house. It’s a much simpler process that not only results in beautifully-crafted designs, but is also more affordable and easier overall.

Branded Content

Marketing today is about storytelling, not selling. That’s why branded content is an effective way to get you noticed by relevant audiences without them feeling like you’re pushing your products or services.

Branded content used to be something accessible only to major brands. Things like Red Bull’s sponsored freefall jump from space or Dove’s Real Beauty campaign with a sketch artist were what marketers thought of when they heard the term.

But in today’s world, branded content is accessible on a much smaller scale. Using the concepts of branded content to reach a new audience within your local community is entirely achievable for local business owners. You can create videos, quizzes, articles, or any other type of valuable content that gets you noticed by your audience and establishes you as a trusted voice in your field or industry.

And it’s easier than ever to find the appropriate placement for this branded content at a cost that won’t bust your budget. Using targeting tools to find the appropriate audience based on demographics or interest allows you to show your branded content to consumers who are most likely to be interested in your brand.

Check out how this garage door repair company used branded content to educate their community.


When you first hear “geofencing,” you might assume it’s a costly, high-tech option. In fact, geofencing allows you to establish a simple digital perimeter around any area you choose (your business, a certain area of town, or even your competitor’s business!). Whenever someone with a mobile device on hand enters this area, you can then target them with messaging about your business.

Although this sounds like a fancy, futuristic marketing tactic, it’s actually very affordable and accessible for local businesses. And because it’s location-based, it’s great for those who are trying to build a loyal following in a particular geographic location.

Geofencing can be effective in a variety of scenarios. Maybe you just launched your business and want to draw attention to yourself. Maybe you’re trying to lure people away from your competitors. Maybe you have a strong following in your town but want to let those in neighboring towns know what you do. In any of these cases, geofencing can help you reach specific audiences based on where they are.

If you’d written these marketing tactics off in the past as something that only the big dogs could afford, you might not know where to start. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re interested in pulling together a killer creative campaign, putting out valuable branded content, or learning more about geofencing, give us a call.

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