Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that mobile phones are a go-to device for consumers looking to buy a new or used vehicle. They comparison shop, check out reviews and ask for recommendations from their social peers – all from the convenience of their phone.  


In fact, 48 percent of searches for car dealerships come from mobile devices, and 60 percent of consumers who perform mobile searches for parts, service or cars will call a dealership.  


So what is the secret to converting mobile “researchers” into car buyers? And, what mobile marketing tactics should be deployed as part of your overall mobile strategy?  


Here are five proven techniques used by the automotive marketing experts at LOCALiQ AUTOMOTIVE to help you get started. 


1. Make the Most of Mobile Search 


More than half of search queries are made on mobile devices, whether in a mobile browser or using voice search through a virtual assistant like Alexa or Siri. Not surprisingly, mobile users respond to relevant search results that are closest to the top of the page. Of course, getting to the first page of Google is every company’s goal, so using the latest search engine optimization (SEO) techniques is a given. 


Adhering to automotive marketing best practices, deploying customized local SEO techniques to attract more traffic to your site, and collecting analytics that can help your marketing team build continually better content are among a few of the SEO best practices to consider. You want to be found when it counts


But, keep in mind that SEO takes time and organically attaining first page status is not always easy. That’s why it helps pairing SEO with a few other methods such as listings management and paid search extensions for automotive: 


  • Ad extensions is an effective digital marketing technique which adds more context to your ad and allows car shoppers to click through to your website, call your dealership, or access a map with directions to your location. Mobile is all about making things easy for consumers, and ad extensions are a great way to optimize your ads for mobile. 

  • Listings management technology allows dealerships to get listed both accurately and seamlessly across a slew of sites and apps, as well as leverage key partnerships with directories such as Google My Business and Facebook. 


2. Use Geofencing to Improve Traffic to Your Dealership 


According to our research, all age groups and genders cite in-person visits as the most popular method to research a car. To get more potential buyers on your showroom floor, geofencing is the way to go. Geofencing allows dealerships to reach mobile users in close proximity to its location or a designated area (like at your biggest competitors). 


The beauty of geofencing is in the many ways ads can be customized. Special offers can be made at certain times of day, like when traffic is at its peak; or during nearby events. In addition, you can even send follow-up ads with relevant offers or messages up to 30 days after initial contact is made. The possibilities are endless! The tight targeting makes for a really efficient, low-investment mobile ad buy, making it a smart choice to including in your automotive marketing arsenal and a great way to win at mobile. 


3. Make Your Dealership Website Mobile-Friendly 


Attracting traffic to your website is only as effective as your website itself. So, your site needs to have an adaptive design, not just a scaled-down version of your desktop site.  


Dealers need to be cognizant of the fact that mobile experiences are radically different than desktop ones. Simple navigation, sharp visuals, concise and fast-loading content, and clickable buttons are a must to get potential buyers closer to your showroom floor.  


And, don’t forget to prominently display key information like your phone number, address, and business hours so users don’t have to scroll or click endlessly to find them. Links to Google Maps or your Google My Business listing make for ease of use and transparency in reviews which are important to auto shoppers. A great automotive marketing strategy always has the customer in mind! 


4. Don’t Underestimate The Power of Social Media 


Did you know that Facebook is the preferred social media research method (70 percent), with approximately half of respondents reporting they use Facebook Marketplace when car searching (47 percent)? 


This leads us to our next tip: mobile-friendly social media ads. Think compelling and simple call-to-actions (like click to call), visuals, minimal text and video to incent mobile consumers to click on your ad.  


Plus, amp up your automotive marketing strategy by incorporating dynamic creative in your social ads, allowing you to serve relevant ads to car buyers based on their recent vehicle searches! 


5. Get “Smarter” Display Ads  


Today’s automotive marketers face a dizzying array of choices when it comes to display advertising, and even more choices when it comes to optimizing for mobile.  


Many dealerships have no choice but to use a trial by fire approach, in which success is limited by how quickly staff can determine which mobile ad campaigns are yielding results. However, for progressive automotive dealerships, the days of optimizing marketing campaigns after the fact is a thing of the past.  


These dealers leverage advanced techniques like smart optimization technology that automatically adjust budgets to ensure the highest level of campaign performance. This means budgets are shifted to the most successful campaigns immediately – not in days, weeks or months as in the case of most manually-managed campaigns. 


Who can help with that? <humble brag> Why, we can, of course! 


No matter where your dealership currently stands in the world of mobile marketing, there’s a lot of opportunity to leverage audience targeting and smart optimization to realize effective dealership advertising and efficiently reach an engaged audience of car buyers. Now that’s how you win at mobile in your automotive marketing! 


Contact us to learn more about our complete digital marketing solutions, so you can win at mobile. 



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