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Make no mistake about it, at LOCALiQ AUTOMOTIVE we have a lot of digital advertising technology. We have an award-winning smart-optimization search marketing program, a car-dealer specific analytics tool, and a social advertising solution that extends beyond Facebook’s current capacities. We have a coast-to-coast network of local digital news sites, insights from over 125MM unique consumers on our network each month, and targeting technology that can deliver our clients’ messaging in any zip code in the U.S. We’re proud of our technology and have helped out a lot of clients with it. 

However, these tools become less effective, and sometimes even counterproductive, when they’re being used without a digital marketing strategy. 

What is digital marketing strategy exactly? It’s the way one uses digital marketing tools, resources, and methodologies to accomplish a goal – like meeting your sales quota more consistently or opening a dealership in a new local market.  

We have found 11 essential topics in automotive digital marketing strategy for car dealerships. Some of the articles deal with a particular class of solution, like SEO or branded content. Some focus on overarching strategic decisions, like do you need an automotive marketing partner or is an agile strategy right for you? Every piece is informed by the current state of affairs in the automotive industry and is backed by LOCALiQ AUTOMOTIVE’s on-the-ground expertise. 

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

  • Pay per click marketing is a familiar tool, but it may have wider applications for your automotive digital marketing strategy than you always thought.  

  • SEO is considered table stakes, but how do you go from a handful of keywords to a fully optimized site? 

  • What’s better, organic SEO or paid search? Most online resources say each one has their benefits. We go a little deeper than that. 

  • Chances are exceptional that you’re already using targeted display ads as part of your automotive digital marketing strategy. Here we go through a few tips, tricks, and techniques to help you get more out of this form of digital advertising. 

  • Not enough dealerships are incorporating branded content in their digital marketing. Here’s our take on content strategy

  • It’s easy to take email for granted, but a smart email strategy has never made more sense as part of an overall automotive digital marketing strategy.  

  • We’ve said it over and over again – digital video is where the future’s headed. That means you need to start working on the video side of your automotive digital marketing strategy

  • Everybody is on social media these days, including your dealership. How do you best get a handle on this complex, incredibly diverse platform? 

  • Data analytics can give you unparalleled insight on your customers, your website, and your local market, but how do you separate signal from noise? Hint: Our Dealer Scorecard can help.

  • Digital technology gives dealerships the power to handle most, if not all, of their digital marketing on their own. That doesn’t mean it’s easy. Here’s why the right automotive digital marketing partner is a smart investment. 

  • Are you familiar with the term agile strategy? If your dealership is fighting to keep up in today’s fast-paced, technologically super-powered environment, coming up with a more agile automotive digital marketing strategy might prove helpful. 

The goal of this digital marketing strategy series is to open up a whole new world of options for your dealership, as well as to get you thinking about ways you can use digital technology to make the most of your digital marketing and digital advertising. 


Contact us to request a free Dealer Scorecard analysis for your dealership or Auto Group. 


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