Forensic science requires careful attention to detail, leaving out no single piece of evidence. Even one mistake changes the entire picture a forensic technician tries to paint. The same reliance on detail can make or break your automotive digital marketing campaign, quite literally, when it comes to banking on your decisions. Before you invest, you need a clear image of the market so you don’t waste unnecessary dealership advertising funds in the wrong places. 

Start With Goals 


In forensics, the goals revolve around proving or disproving a point, especially in relation to proving whether someone is guilty or innocent. Someone’s life often hangs in the balance, so great care goes into the process. 

That’s pretty heavy stuff. So, what does this mean in relation to automotive digital marketing? Determining the best way to spend your digital marketing budget requires having goals for the business. In other words, what is the outcome you are working towards? What does your dealership need? Are you interested in moving large volumes of used inventory? Do you have a particular new model with great incentives? Are you a luxury model dealer, marketing to affluent individuals? 

Your goals will help you determine how to best invest your money to achieve the highest ROI. Keeping track of your buyers and auto intenders in your market can be crucial steps to creating those goals and determining the best course of action to increase interest while reducing overall dealership marketing spend. 


Get with the Times 


Criminals have an MO, and so do consumers. Forensics departments find their crook by examining the evidence, piecing together the story behind the crime, and creating a profile. 

The same thing works for automotive digital marketing. Trends in consumer purchases, intent, and interest drive the market, and honing in on the profile of your potential customers gives you a profile of what they want and where they’re looking. This profile allows you to play off those trends so you don’t put money into a particular campaign type that isn’t going to reach your intended audience. 

For example, consider that shopping platforms forever offer new means of purchasing product. It’s all about convenience. Finding a way to build off those platforms, including investing in advertising that is shown during those convenient shopping experiences, could be a way to reach the types of people you want walking into your storefront. 

Following trends to make sure you hit consumers in their space, as well as with messaging that speaks to them, can help you in the automotive digital marketing space to achieve higher goals without busting through the threshold of your dealership advertising investment. 


Watch Your Inventory 


One of the biggest wastes of advertising dollars is to put money into an automotive digital marketing campaign around something that you don’t have in stock. Sure, there is a minimal impact when someone searches for a particular used car and finds something similar in stock with you. However, those dollars have much greater affect if you put them directly into the inventory you carry. 

Case Study: Luxury Dealer Outperformed the Market by 20% 

Do’s and don’ts for this sort of automotive digital marketing strategy lead to heavy discussions, but as a basic rule, do consider investing in ways to promote your brand, maintain a presence in your competitor’s space, and assure you have the tactics in place to reach your target audience. Don’t overspend in markets with low interest, spend on used models that rank high in consumer interest but aren’t present in your inventory, or spend too much on your competitors’ brands. 

A better investment might turn you to mobile marketing, including geofencing. This allows you to target potential buyers who have visited your competitors with your digital messaging to bring them to your dealership. You may also try focusing on automotive digital marketing campaigns to specific zip codes in a certain income bracket based on the types of cars you have. Again, the most important part of avoiding waste of dealership advertising dollars is to know your market and have a presence where they are. 

Case Study: CDJR Dealership Sees 33% YOY RAM Truck Sales 

As with forensics, finding the right mix of solutions for an automotive digital marketing strategy involves science. And while there are exact formulas to science, there is also an evolution. Therefore, it requires constant effort to keep up with trends, know who your audience is and where they’re shopping and living, and how to best impact their buying decision. This is why marketing is often referred to as both an art and a science! 


We Can Help 


Choosing to trust your automotive digital marketing management with us can take a lot off your shoulders. We have the experience, the tools, and the passion to motivate excellence in our performance, which filters through to your dealership and your marketing needs.  

Contact us to request a Dealer Scorecard, as well as to learn more about what our team can do to build the right solution for you. 


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