How can you get more out of your ad spend? Just about every dealership could benefit from at least some digital campaign optimization. Optimization takes time, though, and dealers have to dig into things like data, trends, tactics, metrics, targeting and testing. They’ll probably even need to revisit their business goals and marketing strategies in the process. But in the end, it pays for dealerships to optimize their automotive marketing campaigns.  


So, let’s dive into the subject and look at: 

  • Why dealers optimize digital campaigns 
  • How to optimize dealership marketing  
  • Who to partner with for campaign optimization  

Why Dealers Optimize Digital Campaigns 

Along the auto buyer journey, there are so many digital touchpoints – over 900, according to a Google case study – it can be difficult to tell what’s working. And where to put your marketing dollars. That’s why digital campaign optimization is so critical. It helps dealerships answer the questions that lead to greater ROI.   

What works for my customers? 

 Study data from current customers – their buying journey, location, interests, etc. – and figure out what brings them to your dealership. Use this information to identify prospects and create marketing campaigns that target new customers. It’s an effective way to increase your customer base.    

What works for my business? 

Ask yourself a few questions: What drives my business? How much does service and repairs bring in? Then revisit your business goals and focus your budget and tactics on where they make the most sense. It’s all about optimizing and prioritizing, and it’ll save money and increase return on investment.    

How to Optimize Dealership Marketing 

Continuous digital optimization? Three words: metrics, testing and trends. Set the right metrics, test and adjust campaign elements, and pay attention to trends – with the end goal of maximizing your dealership marketing ROI. 


Now about your business goals. Yeah, we’ve already talked about ‘em. We’re going to do it again. Your dealership marketing strategy needs to help you reach them. And to do that, you’ve got to set metrics that reveal whether your campaign is generating the right leads, engagement and/or awareness. They’ve all got to work together – goals, strategy and metrics.  


Tracking and reporting provide opportunities for your dealership to continually optimize digital campaigns by testing (and then adjusting) several factors, including: 

  • Creative – think design, ad size, copy, sometimes you can increase conversions by simply changing a call-to-action (CTA).    
  • Time of delivery – monitor ad performance and audience activity to figure out the best time to post ads. 
  • Source of sales – determine which sources and platforms are driving the most sales and reallocate your ad spend accordingly. 
  • Audience targeting – figure out the right in-market auto shoppers to hit with your campaigns (easy, right?).  

Testing can be tedious, and it takes a lot of time. Want to offload it? We’re here and ready to optimize.  


Take time to revisit – yep, we’re going there – your business goals and the competitive market based on what’s happening in automotive trends, consumer interest and the economy. Maybe the drop in one of your campaigns is due to inventory shifts, for example, and not the creative you’re running.  

Who to Partner With for Campaign Optimization    

Not to name-drop, but we know LOCALiQ. Like, really know them*. It’s why we can say, without hesitation:  

LOCALiQ AUTOMOTIVE is all about digital campaign optimization. They’ve invested in smart optimization technology for social ads, search marketing and targeted display. And their data scientists analyze thousands of dealership campaigns from across the country, continually providing new insights and identifying emerging trends.    

If your dealership is looking for a strategic partner to take on optimizing digital campaigns, LOCALiQ AUTOMOTIVE is the way to go. Seriously. Stop wasting ad spend and start optimizing now.   

Contact us to learn more about digital campaign optimization.  

*Probably because we are them? But whatever.  


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