When it comes to digital marketing, does your dealership want to team up with a vendor or a partner? What’s the difference, you ask? It’s more a state of mind, really. Yours and theirs. Vendors work for you to supply products. Partners work with you to provide solutions.  

Let’s assume you’ve pulled out enough hair dealing with the former and are interested selecting the later – an automotive marketing partner. Now that’s decided, there’s the matter of what to expect from the solution provider once you’ve signed along the dotted line.  

Enough with the warm-up, time to get down to the business of marketing your business:  

  • What to look for in a marketing partner 

  • What to expect from a marketing partner 


What to Look for in a Marketing Partner 

 Start by looking at your dealership. What are your goals? What is your budget? What are your business needs? Digital marketing, search engine optimization, social media, targeted emails, video ads, branded content, review management…  

Knowing these things upfront helps guide your decision-making process and makes finding the right automotive marketing partner easier. Because choosing the wrong one can cost you plenty – in dollars, time and your dealership’s reputation.  

Next, it’s time to turn your attention to prospective partners. Forbes recently ran a series of articles about qualities to consider when selecting a digital marketing agency. These included: 

Can they get the job done? What’s the company’s track record? Is the team made up of people you want to work with? Do you trust them to do the right thing when you’re not looking?  

 Do they communicate clearly, regularly and honestly? Are the reps too aggressive or not communicative enough? Does it feel like they’re transparent with you? (The Four C’s Companies Consider When Choosing a Vendor) 

 What does their website look like? Does it appear high in search results? Are their social media pages up-to-date and do they have quality content?  


Do they know the automotive industry? Can they understand your dealership’s short- and long-term goals? Do they have the experience and expertise to help you achieve them?  

There are also less tangible things to consider when making your final decision, such as the character, curiosity and personality of the marketing team’s members. 


What to Expect from a Marketing Partner 


You’ve weighed your options and selected an automotive marketing partner. What can you expect now? All the good stuff.  

Full Solutions 

Finally! You’ve got a team to take on digital marketing strategy and campaigns, so dealership staff can focus on working internet and showroom leads. Which means things are more efficient and more effective – and the result is more sales. 

Powerful Insights 

You’ve already got data on your sales and customers, but what about your dealership’s market share and competitive situation? An automotive marketing partner should be able to provide data points and key insights to help win sales within your market that lead to more profit per vehicle and longer-term customer relationships through your service department. Plus, flag any inventory issues that could be addressed to better align with area demand. 

      Want to find out where you’re losing market share potential? Contact us for a Dealer Scorecard analysis. 

      Your marketing partner can also review analytics to uncover new opportunities and use insights to inform digital marketing strategies and campaigns, including: 

  • Secure information on consumer’s purchase intent, interests and hobbies, and media consumption. All this to target the right consumers, at the right time, on the right platform, with the right message. 

  • Cross-reference subgroups in your dealership database to know what the ideal customer looks like – and then reach out to them through tactical digital marketing and advertising 

  • Target prospective customers with characteristics similar to current and ideal customers.  


Stellar Fulfillment and Customer Service 

 You know how important customer service is. And an automotive marketing partner worthy of your dealership won’t just deliver digital campaigns – they’ll work to continuously improve on what those campaigns deliver and maximize your advertising spend. It’s called optimization.  

Testing is the one of the top tools for optimization. By changing one element of the digital campaign – call-to-action, audience targeting, platform, ad size, design, etc. – you can determine what combination produces the best results. It’s tedious and takes a lot of time, but that’s one more reason to partner with professionals and let them do it. 

Your marketing partner can also study auto insights to figure out what’s going on with market share and consumer interest; how these may be affecting your campaigns; and what strategic next steps to take. 

Did we mention we’re all about advertising optimization? It’s why we’ve invested in smart optimization technology for social ads, search marketing and targeted display. And our data scientists analyze thousands of dealership campaigns from across the United States, providing new insights and identifying emerging trends.  

Let’s circle back to your dealership’s business goal. It’s critical you share it with your marketing partner so they can build a strategy to support it. Because, let’s say your digital campaign has great overall metrics, but it’s not getting you closer to your ultimate goal. 

For instance: you’re getting more clicks, but your ultimate goal is linked to outcomes on end lead generation. Your automotive marketing partner needs to know where you want to go – so they know which elements to test for optimization and what metrics to follow.  

Lastly, let’s talk fulfillment. Think about what you’re really getting here. An automotive marketing partner knows how timelines – and everything associated with them – work. They get things started at the right time, so they get delivered at the right time. Because it’s not just about producing digital marketing, it’s about getting it to market on time with all the appropriate co-op pre-approvals. And who doesn’t want to cross those hassles off their to-do list?  

Now you know what to look for, and what to expect, in a digital marketing partner. And the good news is, you’re only a click away from one of the nation’s leaders in automotive digital marketing. So, let’s do this thing!  


Contact us and find out how to optimize your digital world with our automotive marketing solutions and end-to-end service. 


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