Display advertising goes well beyond banner ads alone, and each type can bring your business different advantages. By combining multiple types of display ads that put your messages in front of more viewers in a wider range of circumstances, your targeted display advertising campaign can bring you much stronger results. Read about some types of display advertising you can use to give your business a serious boost.

Reach Everyone With General Awareness Advertising

Banner ads are a solid beginning for any general awareness advertising effort. They’re like billboards along the information superhighway, exposing many viewers to your visual branding, name, slogan, and products. Your displays ads can be as simple as banner ads on various websites, or as dynamic as full-page ads that expand to capture the viewer’s full attention. Once people start to view your business as a familiar brand, they may be receptive to more targeted messages and more likely to remember your name when they go to search for something related to your business.

Capture Wandering Prospects With Retargeting

Retargeting can be an astonishingly effective way to bring a prospect back to your site to close a sale. In some cases, you’ll retarget website visitors who wandered off the buyer’s journey path, and in other cases, you’ll be gently reminding them of the awesome thing they left in their shopping cart or on their to-do list. These are self-selected leads that are at least warm, and in many cases, they’re ready to buy. Retargeting is also available on Facebook, which means that if a Facebook user is logged in to Facebook while they visit your website in another tab or window, and you’ve configured your site for Facebook retargeting, you can capture that user in a “Custom Audience,” and retarget them through dynamic display advertising on Facebook.

Bring in Local Customers With Geofencing

Geofencing is a way to connect with mobile users who are near your local business and attract them to visit and buy. Geofencing works with the GPS units in people’s mobile devices, and it reacts in pre-defined ways when those mobile users enter the geographic boundary you set. For example, you can set your geofence to send an invitation to your location when a user enters your fence area, or send them a promotional offer if they get close to one of your competitor’s locations. This mobile-specific display advertising is a smart way to increase traffic to your local business, and LOCALiQ’s geofencing solution makes it ridiculously easy to manage, track visitor data, and place leads seamlessly into your lead inbox, so your team can follow up and ensure you’re never losing out on valuable leads.

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