In this series of blog posts, we explore 5 key ways to improve your digital display advertising strategy. Click on the titles below to read more on each key area: 

1. 5 Keys to Audience Targeting 

Knowledge is power, and in targeted display advertising, data and insights mean better audience targeting for better engagement

Understand your data, know your customers and your options to find them online, and always optimize for more effective and more efficient audience targeting. 

2. 5 Keys to Branded Content 

There is content, there are ads, and then there is branded content. Greater than the sum of its parts, branded content campaigns can be hugely successful by engaging your target audience with content that provides real value. Branded content provides a digital advertising options for dealerships with intense engagement. 

For successful branded content focus on a clear strategy to engage the intended audience on a trusted platform, then optimize from there. 

3. 5 Keys to Mobile Advertising 

Yes, we really all are on our mobile phones that much. The piece of tech that has become an everyday part of our lives means that reaching your intended audience with digital advertising is not complete without mobile ads. 

Mobile advertising may feel like an add on, but it holds a lot of special powers: stellar audience targeting, amazing reach, immediacy in those micro-moments, active and flexible options to reach audiences wherever they are and whatever they are doing, and innovative digital advertising options which are still revealing themselves. 

4. 5 Keys to High Impact Advertising

Gone are the days of annoying flashing display ads. High Impact ads are much less intrusive and exist more seamlessly within the platform when you partner with a quality publisher. At the same time, high impact ads still do what they are meant to, which is make an impact. 

If you are considering high impact digital display ads for your dealership marketing campaigns, start with understanding your business goals. That will help identify the type of KPI goal you should set for your campaign, and inform the format, messaging and CTA for your high impact display ads. Focusing on the right goals, messaging and CTA will help you make a bigger impact with the right audience. Choosing the right platform is key, and display campaign optimization over time will help you refine your messaging and creative. 

5. 5 Keys to Digital Optimization 

Have you figured out yet that optimization is super-duper important to digital marketing and digital advertising? This is not a convenient theme, it’s the actual truth.   

Dealership advertising campaigns are often tactical in nature, due to the ebb and flow of sales and efforts to hit monthly targets. Even if your digital marketing and digital display campaigns are tactical, you can still use digital optimization to learn from your campaigns and improve performance over time. 

Bringing It All Together 

Targeted display advertising can be a high-performing yet cost efficient way to maximize your dealership marketing budget. Display advertising has the added benefit of allowing you to reach auto shoppers along their entire consumer journey using different display ad tactics. Where to start? 

Know your business goals, build a clear automotive marketing strategy around those goals and revisit both as your business shifts. Test different tactics in your display advertising, but focus on specific areas so you can apply learnings and continuous optimization for long-term success in your dealership display campaigns. 

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