Mobile ad spending is estimated to track at 67% of total ad spending in 2019, and is expected to grow to 72% by 2023. Mobile advertising is a pretty broad category, so where are marketers putting their dollars to support mobile marketing? Mobile display represents 52% of total mobile ad spending, meaning there is a huge amount of advertising spend behind mobile display advertising. 


So, what are the key things to understand about mobile advertising as you add this tactic to your digital marketing campaigns? 


1. Mobile Audience Continues to Grow 

It’s still relatively easy to underestimate exactly how large the mobile web audience really is. Mobile is no longer a small subset of total internet usage. In more ways than ever before, mobile is starting to dominate. In the U.S., 93% of all internet users are mobile device users


And that same audience goes to mobile when thinking about buying a car. 18% of vehicle shoppers use only mobile devices and 53% of vehicle shoppers use both desktop and mobile devices during the auto buyer journey. 


It’s clear that not only is the overall mobile audience huge, the likelihood of reaching in-market auto shoppers on mobile is an opportunity not to be missed. When someone is considering purchase a car, they’re going to fit in search and checking out reviews around the rest of their day. Mobile provides the perfect opportunity to do a quick check on model comparisons, or look at what dealerships near them carry the make and model they’re considering. 


2. Mobile Advertising Offers Stellar Audience Targeting 

In addition to the hundreds of options in demographic, psychographic and behavioral targeting available on mobile, it’s possible that mobile ad targeting is more effective.  


According to a comScore report, desktop devices are more likely to have multiple users. Marketing Charts refers to this as a potential explanation for mobile advertising reaching intended audiences more than desktop ads when averaged across campaigns. 


Audience targeting can make or break your digital display advertising campaign, and better audience targeting means more efficient marketing budget spend and more engagement with potential customers. 


3. Mobile Advertising Is More Immediate 

Mobile devices feel more immediate and personal, creating a great environment for better ad engagement, especially when ads are served to an already engaged audience. USA TODAY NETWORK offers a variety of high-impact and rich media options for mobile advertising. 


And don’t forget about video ads on mobile—with the high mobile penetration of internet users, mobile video ads create a big opportunity to more efficiently reach a targeted audience of likely auto shoppers on YouTube, Google ad network or USA TODAY NETWORK. Video ads often have higher levels of engagement. And we already know, thanks to Think with Google, that more than 40% of auto shoppers who watch a video about a vehicle visit a dealer as a result.  


Plus Digital Dealer points to a stat that 69% of YouTube users who are buying a car are influenced by the platform. Don’t miss out on high engagement that can influence where an auto shopper will consider shopping. 


4. Mobile Advertising Is Active 

Mobile devices tend to be used on the go, which is great when you want to engage customers with an offer they can use right now. Audience targeting, geofencing and a focus on optimization can help you test and maximize mobile advertising conversion rates. 


Imagine targeting in-market auto shoppers with relevant messages in impactful format while they are thinking about their next car purchase. Geofencing can even help you influence and track conversions from showroom traffic by continuing to show mobile ads with compelling offers to people who stopped by your dealership (or a competitor’s) to browse but didn’t buy. 


5. Mobile Advertising Continues to Change 

Mobile marketing and mobile advertising continue to change as mobile device usage and digital mobile display advertising format and targeting capabilities change. It’s important to keep up with what’s happening in digital, and partner with a mobile ad network that can deliver on viewability of your ads so they perform better than average. And, always optimize for continuous improvement. 


The key to mobile advertising is understanding how mobile audience growth and audience targeting capabilities can be paired with increasingly effective mobile ad formats and optimization for better ad engagement and conversions. And, of course, being ever mindful of how mobile advertising continues to change along the way, especially for the auto consumer journey. 


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