High Impact digital advertising is about more than just flashy digital billboards. When executed well, high impact digital ads can be eye catching and, even, immersive. 

So, what? 

Well, with that kind of attention, you also get increased viewability, engagement and click-thru conversions. 

Meaning your dealership is higher in the consideration set with potential customers. 

So, what are the key things to understand about high impact digital advertising as you consider adding this display advertising tactic to your automotive marketing campaigns? 


1. Understand Your Business Goals 


If your business goal is to increase revenue by increasing market share for a specific vehicle segment more broadly, that will be different than increasing share across all vehicle types but focused geographically on your own backyard.  

Both will differ even more from a brand awareness dealership ad campaign to promote a new store of even a vehicle service-focused promotion.  

High impact digital advertising can help you with each of these, however the specific audience targeting, ad format and call to action will differ for each strategy. 

The good news? When you have established a specific business goal, it becomes much easier to define what specific tactics to enlist in our targeted display advertising campaigns. And high impact advertising offers a lot of options towards both brand awareness and lead generation ad campaign goals.  


2. Know Your Campaign Focus 


Just as your dealership specific business goal will inform your automotive marketing strategy, it will also influence the specific campaign focus and the metrics you will use to measure success.

If your goal is brand awareness, you might want to focus on engagement measurements.  

If your goal is lead generation, then click-thru rate and post-click activity on your website and visits to your showroom is key.  

What makes high impact digital ads “high impact?” Rich media options can include engagement driving video, which is great for brand awareness. Or a lead generation focus can increase conversion through enlisting specific call to action features. These high impact ad options help you boost the impact of traditional banner ads. 


3. High Impact is Also Mobile 


While desktop website takeovers are probably the most impressive high impact digital ads, mobile advertising also offers high impact options with rich media capabilities, video and more.  

With 92% of all U.S. internet users also being mobile device internet users, not including mobile advertising as part of your high impact digital advertising campaign would definitely be an oversight.  

It’s no wonder over 69% of automotive marketing digital ads are served on mobile


4. Website Trust Matters 


Credible website platforms with authentic content consumers value and find trustworthy is important.  

According to ComScore, ads delivered beside unsavory content can:  

  • Waste advertising budgets 

  • Damage a brand’s reputation 

  • Diminish consumer trust 

  • Result in public relations mishaps 

Plus, comScore fielded a study on digital display ads and found that “premium publishers deliver premium results.” Seriously positive brand awareness and brand lift impact. 

So if you’re looking to make a splash with high impact digital advertising, do it on a site that already provides an engaging content experience on a platform audiences trust. 

Did you know the USA TODAY NETWORK of news platforms reaches 4 times more auto shoppers than Autoguide Group and Car & Driver combined? It’s true – we run analysis regularly to track this with comScore. We love matching dealership business goals against our robust audience targeting on USA TODAY NETWORK sites. 


5. Understand Optimization 


Know how you can best track the effectiveness of your high impact digital advertising, so you can continuously optimize towards improved results.  

If your high impact digital ads include click-thrus to your website, track that action beyond the initial click, using UTM codes or capture code tracking pixels. 

Consider testing different approaches to ad creative. Video content can be highly effective in high impact digital ads, especially website takeover ads. 

Make sure you are tracking activity beyond the click with Google Analytics or similar programs. And connect it all together by making sure source tracking on your CRM is accurate. It’s a multi-point attribution world out there! 

High impact digital advertising is an important part of an overall dealership digital advertising strategy. By identifying which goal you’re tackling for a given digital marketing campaign, you can match up the best digital display tactics to reach your goal – including high impact digital ads. Remember to design creative with both desktop and mobile in mind, choose quality sites with great audience targeting, and always be optimizing your digital ad campaigns! 


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