Display ads are everywhere. They can appear on just about any type of website and are a great way for businesses to reach relevant consumers.

What makes display advertising different from other forms of advertising, and why do you need display ads as a part of a healthy marketing strategy? Let’s chat about why display ads are unique and how they can boost your marketing.

What Are Display Ads?

Let’s start with a quick definition: Display ads are visual ads that appear on websites and typically include a call to action. They can appear on any type of site that a consumer clicks on from any given search engine results page. There are a few different types of display ads out there, and each serves a unique purpose. For example, you can run display ads on the USA TODAY NETWORK so you can get seen on local and national sites to drive awareness and clicks to your website.

Raise General Awareness

Banner ads might be the first thing you think of when you hear the phrase “display ads.” These basic, broad advertisements are a good way to get consumers familiar with your brand.

According to the Local Search Association, consumers must encounter a brand 10 times before they think about doing business with them – that number was seven just a few years ago. Banner ads allow you to go on the offensive and get in front of consumers before they need a specific good or service from you. By the time they need what your business offers, you have a better chance of being who they consider, since they’ve encountered your name time and again online.

Make the Final Push

Retargeting involves showing display ads to consumers based on their past behavior online. This has probably happened to you. You’re browsing, say, electric drills on a home improvement store site. You go to search for something else entirely on Google, and when you land on a blog or website from the Google SERPs, you see ads on those pages, trumpeting a sale at that same home improvement store.

You’ve already expressed interest in a product they sell. Now you’re not only seeing their name come up again in your field of vision, but you’re also encountering a great deal of content that might be the final push you need to make a purchase decision. Retargeting is a great way to engage these consumers who already know about your business and go that extra mile to seal the deal.

Get Them on the Go

Geofencing is another effective display advertising tactic. By pushing advertisements through to mobile devices based on a consumer’s current location, you can direct your advertising at people who are out shopping now and whose purchase intent is high.

Geofencing allows you to set up a perimeter around either your business or a competitor’s. From there, you can push through offers and deals to anyone who enters that area with their mobile device. Geofencing allows you to grab the attention of new consumers who are in the area and might be looking for exactly what you provide or entice old customers lured back by your timely offer.

Block the Competition

I’ve hinted at this in some of the earlier sections, but it bears repeating here: Display advertising is a great way to interrupt consumers who are thinking about doing business with a competitor and get them to do business with you instead. Using retargeting to go after those who have looked for products on your competitor’s website and then offering a great deal for that same product on your own site is one way to win new customers.

Creative geofencing can have the same effect. If you set up a geofence around your nearby competitors’ businesses, you have the potential to redirect people from that other business. If you make an enticing offer, they might just hop back in their car and head your way instead.

Display advertising is a powerful marketing channel, and when you use it in conjunction with other efforts as a part of a broader strategy, it can boost your marketing’s effectiveness. From raising general awareness early in the customer journey to tempting repeat customers back yet again with targeted deals and offers, display advertising is a smart tactic everywhere along the customer journey.

If you want to learn more about what targeted display advertising (and USA TODAY NETWORK ads in particular) can do for your business, let us know.

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