In a world full of uncertainty, we at LOCALiQ wanted to remind our readers that there is one thing we can all count on ““ the unwavering ability of human kindness. Every coronavirus relief effort, no matter how big or small, helps to bring us one step closer to our families, our communities, and the world we’ve worked so hard to create.

Below we’ve highlighted 3 stories of great importance that we hope will bring a smile to your face this Friday.

1. Training for a (Treadmill) Marathon

Matt Louis in front of his treadmill training station.

Matt Louis, a chef and restaurant owner, was supposed to be running the Boston Marathon in April. When the marathon was pushed to September, he decided that instead of letting his months of training go to waste, he’d instead do some good for his employees that were let go due to coronavirus. After setting up a GoFundMe and getting the news out to as many people as he could, he ran a full marathon on his treadmill, a total of 3 hours and 32 minutes, raising $20,000 for his employees that are temporarily without a job. Oh, and if that’s not feel good enough, did we mention that his coworkers gathered on the street outside his house to cheer him on? Just keep on swimming running, Matt!

2. A Salute to a Century of Service from Two Veterans

A picture of veteran Ray Burns.

If you haven’t heard of Tom Moore, let us introduce you to the British WWII veteran who has raised more than $40 million dollars for coronavirus relief. As Tom got closer to his 100th birthday, he decided to pledge to walk the length of his 25 meter garden 100 times before celebrating a century of memories. Little did he know that this pledge would not only raise $40 million to combat the affects of coronavirus, but that this would also inspire others to make the same pledge.

Ray Burns, who lives in Denver, served in WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Cold War era. Once he heard about Tom Moore and all he was able to accomplish with his pledge, Ray decided to walk 100 kilometers, the equivalent of about 62 miles before his 100th birthday on August 4th. While he doesn’t have any expectations on raising as much as Tom, he knows whatever he can accomplish will help to fight against COVID-19. Looking to make a donation to coronavirus relief in honor of Ray? Click here to donate today!

3. No Job Too Big (or Small) for the National Guard

A member of the National Guard making masks.

What happens when a pandemic hits? The National Guard hits back. And to do this, they’ve gone local. Members of the Army and Air National Guard around the country have had sanitizing elderly homes, cleaning first responder vehicles, assembling test kits, and using their multilingual skills to translate educational materials on coronavirus added to their day-to-day task lists. While this isn’t what you’d expect for members of the National Guard to be doing, their work is helping to make local communities healthier and more informed, a task that’s critical on the road to recovery from coronavirus.

Come back every Friday to read more feel good stories that we hope will inspire you to do some good this weekend. And remember, we’re all in this together.

Looking for ways that you can support small businesses in your local community? Head over to the USA TODAY Support Local site to purchase gift cards now that can be used later, providing a source of income to businesses that need resources during these challenging times.

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