The ultimate goal for most of us is finding something we love to do and doing that everyday. For Julian Placino, a recruiter, podcaster, and keynote speaker, he discovered that creating content for his audience of recruiters was his passion. So, he turned that passion into his full-time job.

In his appearance on The Growth Lab Show, Julian talked to our hosts about how he found his passion for content how business owners can use content to connect them with their audiences.

“Whenever you start creating content, over time people pay attention to you,” Julian said. “Content becomes a way for people to get to know you even if they don’t know you.”

Many business owners find creating content uncomfortable or time consuming, but Julian provided some helpful tips to get started without making it feel overwhelming. You can download his tips in the Lab Notes here to find out what type of content you should create, how to create your first piece of content, and what to think about as your start your content creation journey.

Listen to more from Julian in this episode on iTunes, our website, or wherever you get your podcasts. And don’t forget to subscribe and let us know what you think. Happy listening!

Want more from Julian? Check out this video below, then visit his site to say hi!

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