Depending on where you live, it can feel like there’s a Starbucks on every corner. And while they make a good cup of coffee and clearly have great market saturation, Starbucks also has a great mobile app.

Kate O’Neill, author and Founder & CEO of KO Insights, talked about Starbucks’ mobile app on The Growth Lab Show ““ specifically how they’ve honed in on the way consumers want to interact with them online to create a seamless customer experience.

And while we’re not saying you need to build your own mobile app, there are some things you can take away from Starbucks’ app and incorporate into your own business and marketing.

1. Be Easy to Find

One of the things Kate mentions that she loves about the Starbucks app is how easy it is to find your nearest location. You simply open the app, let it locate you or type in your address, and you get directions right to the store.

You can replicate this experience by making sure your business has accurate local listings. People are searching for nearby businesses on their map apps and through sites like Google and Yelp, so you want to make sure any information about how to find and contact your business is correct.

2. Look for Ways to Offer a Personalized Experience

When you place an order in the Starbucks app, you have nearly unlimited choices for personalizing your order ““ things you probably didn’t even know you could do. Adding additional flavors, swapping the type of milk you use, and more. In the same way, look for ways you can offer a personalized or customizable experience for your customers. Maybe you send them emails tailored to their interests or give them coupons based on what they frequently purchase. It could even be something as simple as a “choose your birthday treat” promotion where they can choose a percentage off their nail service or they get a little freebie ““ like a nail polish to take home.

3. Seamless Online-to-Offline Transition

When you place your order within the mobile app, you know your order will be ready to go at your Starbucks location in the little pick up area. You don’t even have to talk to anyone ““ you just walk in, pick up your order, and you’re on your way. It’s easy.

In the same way, you want your customers’ experiences with you to be easy and seamless no matter where they’re taking place. If you’re easy to engage with online, like through live chat, then it should be easy for someone to talk to one of your employees in your storefront. Evaluate how customers experience your business across all your online channels and in person to ensure you’re making things easy for them during their entire experience with you.

Kate is a master when it comes to helping companies blend technology with the human experience. Listen to her full episode for more insights like this, and download her Lab Notes to start embracing new tech for your business.

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