Have you seen Burger King’s latest ad campaign in Brazil? They’re setting the competition on fire ““ through augmented reality (AR), that is.

Consumers who have the Burger King app can point their cameras at a billboard for a competitor (like McDonald’s, for example), and the app will make it appear like it’s on fire. Then, app users will get a coupon for a free Whopper. It’s a clever way to use the competition for brand awareness.

AR is popping up more and more in marketing and advertising campaigns across the globe. It’s something Jeremy Goldman, CEO and co-founder of Firebrand Group (which he recently sold and has been rebranded as Proponent), knows a lot about. He works with businesses to help them use technology to grow their brands, and while he primarily works with larger businesses, he’s seen local businesses adopting trends like AR as well.

But he thinks it is even more important for businesses to focus on the basics before pursuing cutting-edge tools like AR.

“The fundamentals are the first thing you should be focused on,” he said. “And then after you do that, you can go for dessert.”

Jeremy sat down with the Growth Lab Show podcast to talk about AR, marketing basics, and where marketing basics and AR meet. You can download the Lab Notes to find out exactly what he recommends, and listen to his episode on The Growth Lab Show website, iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts. Don’t forget to subscribe for new episodes every Tuesday!

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