The best way to make improvements to your business and boost its overall customer experience is to ask for feedback. But this can be intimidating! You might be hesitant to ask consumers to give you some of their valuable time to talk about your business, or you might be afraid of what you’ll hear.

Getting feedback doesn’t have to be scary, though. Here are three super easy ways to collect feedback about how your business is doing.

Include a Link in Follow-Ups

This method is a simple way to ease into the process of asking for feedback because it’s relatively passive. Simply include a link in follow-up emails, on receipts, at the end of a live chat session, or anywhere else that you’re interacting with existing customers. This lets customers know that you value customer experience, and it gives them the control to respond on their own timeline, without feeling the pressure of a direct ask.

Ask on Social Media

Once you’ve gotten that first tactic up and running, you’ll hopefully feel empowered to take a more direct approach with your customers. Soliciting feedback on social media is a great way to reach people who are already following your brand and are likely already customers and fans.

There are a few things to consider when you ask for customer experience feedback on social media. Even if you do provide a link to a survey or a request for private feedback, it’s likely that some people will respond publicly on your original post. Be prepared to address any feedback ““ good or bad ““ quickly and frankly.

Neal Polachek talks about why it’s so important to be responsive online here.

A public rave review gives you the opportunity to amplify that response and share it across your social channels. If you receive criticism, taking the time to respond thoughtfully can help you win bonus points with the original poster (who will appreciate that you took their concerns seriously) and with any readers who happen upon it (who’ll see that your brand wants to do right by your customers).

Ask Directly

Hopefully, by now, you’ve realized that asking for customer experience feedback isn’t as scary as it initially seemed, and you might be ready to take on the last piece of the puzzle: asking for feedback directly. While it’s tempting to cherry-pick the people you know love your brand, it’s important that you get responses that represent all experiences one might have with your company ““ the good, the bad, and the ugly.

In fact, reaching out to someone you know had a less-than-stellar experience with your business can sometimes be hugely beneficial. It can be a learning experience for you, and if you handle the follow-up properly, you can turn things around and win that customer back.

When you do ask for customer experience feedback directly, make sure you’re doing so at the right time. Follow up shortly after the customer works with you; don’t wait for weeks or months. It’s easier for them to give an honest assessment when the interaction with your business is fresh in their minds.

While it may seem intimidating at first, asking for feedback about your business is not as hard as you think! Plus, it’s an opportunity for you to continuously improve your customer experience and make your business even better for the future.

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