As a business owner, you probably know that a good reputation is important, and you likely understand why. But, what makes up a good business reputation?

A real business owner talked to the hosts of The Growth Lab Show about common business obstacles and how to overcome them, including the importance of a great online reputation.

Tara Buzash is the owner of Sweet Harmony Music, a network of over 200 musicians for hire for special events across the country. Since starting her business in 2008, Tara has seen her business double in size nearly every year. With so much of her business focused on special events and the wedding industry, Tara knows that reviews can make or break her success. And, she’s identified the recipe for reputation success.

So, what are the ingredients?

1. Delivering Great Service

Without great service, there’s not a way for your customers to leave you positive reviews. So, this is really the foundation of not only your online reputation success, but also the success of your business.

2. Knowing What Customers are Saying

When it comes to your online reputation, you want to know what customers are saying about you. Are they touting your amazing customer service, or are they highlighting things you need to work on? While it can be difficult not to take negative comments personally, look at them as an opportunity to improve your business and the way you’re delivering service to your customers.

3. Knowing Where They’re Saying It

Your online reputation is being established in a lot of channels, and to know what customers are saying about you you’ll need to know where they’re saying it. Do a search for your business to see what review sites pop up, and keep tabs on those. Continue to do fresh searches for your business regularly to see if new sites are showing up. And then actively monitor these sites so you’re in the know when it comes to your online reputation.

4. Engaging with Them Where They are

The last ingredient for reputation success is engaging with your customers where they’re leaving these reviews. If you receive a positive review, thank the reviewer for their kind words. If you receive a negative review, make sure to respond in a timely and respectful manner so you can try to rectify the situation ““ this not only shows your customer you want to make things right for them, but it also shows prospective customers searching for your business that you prioritize your customer service.

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Actively managing your online reputation is extremely important as more and more consumers rely on online reviews to help them make purchasing decisions. Learn more about reputation management in our guide here.

And, get more from Tara on her episode of The Growth Lab Show. She talks about overcoming business obstacles and shares some fun anecdotes from her time playing for proposals and weddings. Watch the video below to get more tips for overcoming business obstacles, and download her Lab Notes to put those tips into action right away.

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