When you own your own business, it can be lonely out there! You’re juggling a million tasks, working nights and weekends, and it can feel like the success or failure of your business rests squarely on your shoulders.

Fortunately, podcasts are a great way to feel connected with other business owners, get inspired, and build community. If you feel like you’re in a rut, here’s how podcasts can make you a more productive, happier business owner.

Get New Ideas

There are plenty of business podcasts out there that provide guidance on just about any challenge you could be facing. Need help with time management? There’s a podcast for that. Struggling to figure out your business’s finances? There’s a podcast for that, too. Not sure how to manage a team? Yup, podcasts have you covered there, as well.

These podcasts offer advice, practical solutions, and proven tools and approaches that you can apply in your own life. Check out our list of the top podcasts of 2018 for suggestions in the categories of business, entertainment, and storytelling.

Find Your Business Inspiration

It’s not just about problem-solving. A lot of podcasts out there can help you feel energized and inspired. While this might be your first time running a business, plenty of others have come before you on their own entrepreneurial journeys.

Finding a podcast that interviews inspiring leaders or one that’s run by an entrepreneur you particularly respect or admire is a great way to tap into the passion that got you into your business in the first place. Consider listening to this podcast on your commute to or from the office or during your workout. It’s a great way to get pumped and either start or end your day on a high note.

Discover Your Community

If you’re drawn to a particular business podcast, chances are there are other entrepreneurs like you who connect with it, too. A lot of podcast hosts work to build a community around their programming. They’ll have message boards and other ways for fans to meet and talk, or even in-person networking events or live recordings where fans can connect in real life.

When you become involved in a podcast community, you can ask questions or seek advice on the challenges you’re facing in your own business. Chances are, someone else in the group will either be facing a similar hurdle or have first-hand advice on how to overcome it.

As you progress on your entrepreneurial journey, it’s important to seek out others who know what you’re going through. Finding a business podcast that resonates with you can be a great way to gain inspiration, gather valuable tips, and build a community of like-minded business owners.

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