Be honest: Do you dread meetings? Sometimes meetings are a fun way to connect with your team and get your creative juices flowing, and other times”¦.they’re just not. But, what if you could meet with your team in virtual reality? Might make it a bit more fun, right?

For Amber Osborne, that’s how she meets with her colleagues every day at Doghead Simulations using rumii ““ their “social-virtual reality platform that enables people to educate and collaborate in a 3D virtual environment.”

Amber talked to the hosts of The Growth Lab Show about the cool ways businesses and schools have been using rumii to meet with teams across the globe and how VR will continue to shape the way we connect with people and businesses.

And while you may not be able to get rumii for your business just yet, there are some key takeaways you can implement from the way Doghead Simulations has created the tool to make your team’s meetings just a little bit better. And, no one says these tips can’t apply to meetings with your customers and prospects, too!

1. Meet Face-to-Face

There’s something about seeing your team when you meet that makes a huge difference. And, this doesn’t just have to mean meeting in person ““ you can use video chat to connect as well. This might also enable you to see someone’s face you might not usually see, especially if a lot of your team is remote or works in the field.

Our team has started doing this because we have people that work all across the U.S. and Canada. It’s nice to put a face to a voice when you switch on your camera and make a little deeper connection than you would just over the phone or chat.

And, if you are meeting in person with your team, you don’t always have to meet in your business location. If you’re not meeting about something confidential, consider a change of scenery every once in a while. This can be great, especially for creative meetings, as well as for connecting with your team outside the office.

2. Close out Distractions

Who’s guilty of multitasking during meetings? I know I am. It’s so easy to get distracted when you have emails coming in, chats pinging you, and your phone is buzzing with texts. You want to check them all and respond as soon as possible, but by doing so, you’re probably not really paying attention to what your colleagues are saying.

If you can, make your meetings a distraction-free zone. This might mean making some meetings computer-down or phones down. Time is money, especially for business owners, so you want your meetings to count. And, by minimizing distractions, you may notice you’re able to get through meetings faster because everyone’s engaged and paying attention.

Tip: If everyone in your business is in your distraction-free meeting, designate one person to answer the phone if customer calls come in!

3. Be Engaged

How uncomfortable is it when you’re presenting in a meeting and no one is responding or providing input? It can feel like you’re talking to a wall. Set the precedent for your team to be engaged ““ open up the meeting with an icebreaker, make team members responsible for presenting a specific item in each meeting, and ask for feedback. You want your meetings to encourage collaboration and move the business forward, which happens best when everyone is contributing.

Get more tips for making your meetings count, and learn all about meeting in VR by listening to Amber’s episode of The Growth Lab Show. And, download the Lab Notes to start making better meetings a reality.

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