You’ve probably heard a lot about the things millennials are impacting: the housing market, the diamond industry, even a potential decrease in the population. Do a search right now for “Millennials killing” and see what populates. One that showed up for me was mayo“¦

And while millennials may or may not be mayo’s downfall, one thing they might be killing is the 9-to-5, in-the-office workday.

Millennials are the largest generation working today and make up 35% of the workforce. So, it only makes sense that things might start to shift to align with their priorities ““ one of which is flexibility. In fact, 75% of millennials say that they think businesses should be flexible in their work environment.

Flexibility can include flex work hours, so maybe they’re not working the general 9 to 5 and are instead working throughout the day around other parts of their lives like continuing education or raising a family. Flexibility can also include working remotely ““ whether that’s at home, a coffee shop, or even another country.

And while it may seem crazy to some, especially those who have commuted, worked 9 to 5, and moved their way up from the cubicle to the corner office ““ for many employees, it’s a definite perk (if not necessity) as they’re going about their job search.

Marcy Massura, CEO and co-founder of a PR and digital marketing company, knows all about working with millennials and flexible work schedules. Her “work from happy” mentality allows her employees to work how, where, and when best aligns with their priorities. And, she hasn’t seen any dip in results.

“I don’t need to see you. I need to see the work, and the work speaks for itself,” she said.

She talked all about “working from happy” on The Growth Lab Show podcast, including how to create this mentality in your business or for yourself as an employee, the benefits she’s seen from switching her mindset, and why she loves to work with millennials.

“What I’m really excited to see is the people of this millennial mindset rise up the ranks and become leaders,” she said. “They respect each other, and they respect teamwork, and they respect collaboration.”

Download the Lab Notes to get her tips for adjusting your mindset to “work from happy,” and listen to her episode on The Growth Lab Show website, iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Then, watch this video for some cool work from home stats.

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