Did you know that 86% of consumers will pay more for a good customer experience? Nowadays, consumers have so many choices when it comes to finding a business ““ so, delivering a great customer service is a natural way to differentiate your business from the others.

How can you build a great customer experience that sets you apart? Ted Rubin, Photofy CMO/Advisor, and a speaker and author, shared four easy steps to get started on The Growth Lab Show.

Here’s a teaser of his tips:

  • Build a connection by being yourself: Consumers crave a connection between other people and with businesses. So, show your customers who you are and what you care about.
  • Be the customer: While you’re part of a business, you’re also a customer. Think about your favorite (and least favorite!) customer experiences and find out how you can translate those experiences into your own business.
  • Listen to feedback: Use feedback from your current customers to build on what’s working and what can improve.

Do a deeper dive into Ted’s tips in the Lab Notes here, and listen to his full episode on iTunes, The Growth Lab Show website, or wherever you get your podcasts to hear his passion for customer experience.

Then, check out these customer experience stats:

There are at least three reasons that a great customer experience impacts your bottom line. Learn more on Growth Lab.

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