What are your thoughts on LinkedIn? Maybe you enjoy having a place to connect in a professional capacity, away from the personal viewpoints on topics once considered taboo that fill most other social media sites. Or, maybe you’re unsure how to use LinkedIn to its fullest capacity ““ especially if you’re a business owner who focuses your social media time on connecting with people on a personal level, watching the latest viral videos, or sharing memes.

But, no matter what kind of LinkedIn user you are, there are opportunities to use the platform for personal and professional growth. Just ask Amber Naslund. She used LinkedIn to get her current job ““ at LinkedIn! ““ where she helps businesses use the platform better.

She stopped by The Growth Lab Show to share some secrets to success on LinkedIn for both personal and professional branding. And, she talked about how no matter what kind of business you work for or own, LinkedIn is for you.

“I am the success story of how this can work!” she said.

Listen to the episode on iTunes, our website, or wherever you get your podcasts. Then, download the Lab Notes to get her steps to LinkedIn success. Happy sharing!

Lab Notes - LinkedIn Tips

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