No matter the size of your business or what you do, you have a unique brand story to tell. And that story can help set you apart from the competition and attract more customers that align with your mission and values.

That’s exactly what Hillary Weiss, a brand strategist and copywriter, believes and tells her clients.

In her appearance on The Growth Lab Show, Hillary talks about how important it is for every business to define their brand story. It’s what she’s helped over 150 clients do for themselves, and it’s her driving force behind a lot of her personal decisions as a consumer as well.

She shared about her experience with a mission-based cleaning company that not only does a great job getting her apartment in tip-top shape but also has a unique and touching brand story that helped her choose them over their local competitors.

In order to build your brand story, Hillary lays out a few easy steps ““ which you can access in the Lab Notes here to get started right away.

“It’s no longer a numbers game in terms of leads and customers,” Hillary says, “It’s an engagement game.”

And building and sharing your brand story gets you one step closer to creating a connection with your ideal customer.

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