Who says being different is a bad thing? Not Peter Shankman, a five-time best-selling author, entrepreneur, and corporate keynote speaker. Peter believes embracing your differences can help set you apart from the competition.

It’s what he did in his own life, after all, when he got his start selling Titanic-themed T-shirts in Times Square, eventually generating enough revenue to launch his own PR agency. Intrigued? We know we are.

Listen to Peter’s appearance on The Growth Lab Show podcast to hear how he got his start, why he believes his differences have made him who he is, and how being nice beats getting ahead.

He also talks a lot about success, the downside (and the upside!) to entrepreneurship, and why you need a backup plan for when you succeed.

You can download the Lab Notes here for insights and actionable business tips to help you embrace your differences and be a happier person (and business owner).

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