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Listen: Humanizing Your Business, Auditing Your Life, and Setting Your GPS for Success | LOCALiQ

The first three episodes of The Growth Lab Show podcast are live and ready for you to take a listen! But, what exactly will you hear? Good question!

Check out what you can expect in the first three episodes, and download our free Lab Notes ““ worksheets with actionable tips, insights, and questions to help you put what you just heard from our experts into practice. And don’t forget to subscribe to The Growth Lab Show on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts!

There’s Only H2H: Human-to-Human with Bryan Kramer

In the first episode of The Growth Lab Show, Bryan Kramer, CEO at PureMatter and H2H Companies, talks about the importance of humanizing your business in an overly-automated world. Think about the last time you tried to call your insurance company ““ was it a nightmare? You don’t want to replicate that experience, or similar experiences, for your customers when it comes to your business. Hear from Bryan on how you can overcome that automation to help your business stand out.

Listen here.
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Throw Away Your “˜Badge of Busy’ & Audit Your Life with Jess Tyson

In this episode of The Growth Lab Show, Jess Tyson, Director of Calm for Don’t Panic Management, sits down with Tracy and Andre to talk about creating a healthy work/life balance and how that idea was the foundation of her business ““ a virtual assistant agency that helps clients overcome “superhero syndrome” in their daily lives. In these Lab Notes, we outline the steps Jess suggests taking to audit your time (including a time tracker at the end!) so you can prioritize and figure out how to get rid of your “badge of busy” once and for all.

Listen here.
Get the Lab Notes here.

Setting Your GPS for Better Business Success with Brian Moran

In this episode of The Growth Lab Show, Brian Moran, CEO of Small Business Edge, talks with Andre and Tracy about the importance of setting goals and staying on track. Easier said than done, right? Which is why Brian provides some great tips and tricks for keeping your business goals in line all year long. He also talks about the different types of business owners that he’s identified, which is helpful when thinking about how you make decisions.

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We hope you enjoy listening The Growth Lab Show podcast! Check back every Tuesday for new episodes, and don’t forget to subscribe and leave us a review!

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