Being a leader, whether you embrace the challenge or hesitantly take on the role, can be a challenge. But, there are always ways to continue growing and evolving to be the best leader, and person, you can be.

Louis Ziskin knows about this firsthand. He first exhibited his leadership skills by running what became the largest MDMA smuggling case in U.S. history, which landed him in prison for 12 years. When he was released, he took a different path ““ founding a company and being a leader in a more legal way. He went from being a “bad person who occasionally does good things” to a better person overall.

He shared his experience with us at The Growth Lab Show plus some leadership lessons he’s learned along the way. It was an interesting, surprisingly funny, and inspiring conversation.

If you want to put some of Louis’ leadership lessons into practice, download the Lab Notes here. And, don’t forget to subscribe to The Growth Lab Show on Apple Podcasts for new episodes every Tuesday.

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