What does it mean to be a hero? It can mean different things to different people, but for Jeffrey Hayzlett, a global business celebrity, primetime television and podcast show host, author, and keynote speaker, he has a set definition for his very own Hero Club (that he bought for $1!).

And with his Hero Club, he’s compiled a council of founders, CEOs, and investors who are looking to take their companies to the next level and who all exhibit “heroic” characteristics.

On this episode of The Growth Lab Show, Jeffrey talks about what makes a hero business owner, his time as a judge on The Celebrity Apprentice, and why he thinks it’s a good thing the President is making people “pick sides.”

So, what are three things Jeffrey says make a hero business owner? Let’s explore.

1.Defined Values

One of the most important hero business owner factors Jeffrey talks about is values. While your values will likely change over time, he says it’s important to understand what you value, your walk away value (what it would take for you to sell your company), and what’s valuable about your business. Understanding your value in all these areas will help you make decisions and move things forward.

2. Clear Vision

Jeffrey says most companies don’t have a real vision of what it’s going to be when it’s done. They’re focused on running the business instead of planning and looking ahead, which can be difficult when you have so much going on. Jeffrey believes it’s important for business owners to have a clear vision for their company and a good implementation of good ideas. He says to be clear about what you are and aren’t going to do to get your business where you want it to be.

3. A Focus on Diversity & Inclusion

Jeffrey believes that businesses must be more diverse in service of customers, ideas, people, and the way you think about your business. Diversity and inclusion are key factors of hero business owners and hero businesses ““ the ability to think about and accept others can help your business grow in new and rewarding ways.

We talked more about diversity and inclusion with Jackie Summers in his episode of The Growth Lab Show here.

If you want more from Jeffrey Hayzlett, make sure to listen to his episode of The Growth Lab Show, and download the Lab Notes to put his tips into action right away.

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