Women are increasingly becoming business owners, and not just the younger set: Women over the age of 45 are becoming entrepreneurs at a steady climb.

But, how do they get there? Maybe you’re a female entrepreneur already, or maybe you’re looking for your “in” into the world of women in business, or, maybe you want some tips from an expert on how to get started on your dream career.

Either way, Jeannie Ralston, founder and editor of the web magazine NextTribe.com, shared some tips for female business owners of all ages on The Growth Lab Show.

So, what are her tips for women in business?

1. Look Through Your Contacts

No matter where you are in your career, you’ve likely built a network of people who are experts or who can connect you with experts in whatever field you’re looking to innovate in. Jeannie says to appreciate the network you have and use them as sounding boards, partners, or possible investors as you look to start your business.

2. Don’t Self Exclude

Jeannie says many women in the age range she predominantly targets ““ over 45 ““ self-exclude, meaning they don’t put themselves out there because they don’t think they can be successful in something new. Or, they don’t go after what they want because they’re afraid it might not work out. But, by doing this, you’re discrediting your experience and your value. And, you’ll never know what you can achieve unless you try.

3. Bloom Where You’re Planted

Everyone has different skills and different things they excel in ““ so it’s important to look at what you work with and make the most of it. When you’re thinking about starting a new business, you want to think about your strengths and how you can capitalize on them so you can be successful.

Want more tips from Jeannie on going after your dream career at any age? Check out her online mag, NextTribe, and listen to her episode of The Growth Lab Show.

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