We know and appreciate the value of technology coupled with service to power our solutions. And, lucky for us, we have some awesome people behind our technology to make it work for our teams and for our clients.

We talked to Brian Nelson, Product & UX Lead for the LOCALiQ Client Center, our lead management system, to hear how his background in graphic design plays into his job now and the importance of lead management for local businesses.

Hi, Brian! Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up in New England and went to school for graphic design. Our curriculum at that time was very print-based ““ “traditional” graphic design. I started teaching myself website design and sort of fell into User Interface Design, working for a small financial startup. I currently live in Bismarck, North Dakota, and have two daughters. Outside of work, I’m interested in music (I play the guitar and piano), woodworking, and recently I’ve been honing my home improvement skills.

That’s so cool! So what brought you to the USA TODAY NETWORK?

I started working as a User Interface Designer for our home services product, Kickserv. Working on Kickserv gave me the opportunity to talk with a lot of local business owners and find out what’s important to them and their businesses.

Whenever we can talk directly with clients, we get better results and more effective products.

Tell us a little more about what you do.

I’m the Product & UX Lead for the LOCALiQ Client Center. Client Center is the best place for our clients to see the results of their marketing campaigns. They can conduct lead management activities, listen to phone call recordings, set up autoresponders for their website, or view performance reports. My role is to ensure that Client Center is an engaging and consistent experience for our clients, but also work directly with our sales, services, and product teams to tell the right story for our clients.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I am fortunate in that I get to work with almost every department in LOCALiQ. My day starts with a standup meeting with our development team. They’re responsible for making Client Center work on a daily basis and adding new features. I also get to work closely with our UX Design team to undertake user research, design new features, or improve existing ones. Finally, I coordinate between our sales, service, and product teams to define what’s next for Client Center.

How does the Client Center help clients with lead management?

There are a couple different ways clients can see the effectiveness of their marketing. A very high-level approach is to start with the Campaign Overview report, which shows aggregated totals of some of the key marketing metrics. From there, a client can choose a specific campaign or product and view its activity report. This is a great way to see a day-by-day breakdown of performance. For a more “human-centric” perspective on lead management, clients can visit the Lead Inbox. There they view incoming phone calls (and listen to recordings), chat conversations, and form submissions from their website. If the client has implemented our CaptureCode on their website, they even get access to a Traffic Details and Marketing Activity report, which gives them an excellent breakdown of how people are discovering them on the web.

It sounds like that gives clients a lot of options! Why is it important for clients to know what works in their marketing?

Every business is unique ““ which means every business’s marketing experience is unique, too. For some businesses, advertising on social media is hugely successful. For others, display ads or search engine marketing has the biggest ROI. Knowing what’s effective means clients can spend their money where it has the biggest impact.

What have you been surprised to learn since you started working on Client Center?

I think the biggest surprise has been the sheer amount of data we work with. It’s really quite staggering when you think about it. We support two years of data and hundreds of metrics for each client. It’s a huge testament to our data and development teams.

How have you witnessed LOCALiQ’s approach to marketing deliver our clients success?

We have an incredible suite of solutions, lead management and otherwise, that work together to create a really successful web presence and drive leads for our clients.

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