Adding your dealership listing to Google My Business (GMB) is one of the simplest ways to get your location, opening hours and contact information in front of the eyes of potential auto buyers. In this post we’re sharing some tips on optimizing your listing to make sure it’s performing. If you’re not yet listed on GMB you can get started here.

And even if you do have a listing, if you haven’t reviewed it in, oh, say ages, take the time to review and update your Google My Business listing regularly. It will pay off, by helping you be found when it counts.

To get the best performance from your dealership Google My Business listing, the first thing you can do is read through Google’s own guidelines and make sure you are meeting the requirements with your listing. The guidelines are there to make sure that businesses are representing themselves accurately to the public, as well as helping you make sure you getting the best results from your listing.


Tip # 1: Keep Your Dealership Listings Info Up to Date

It might seem basic, but having accurate, up-to-date, name, address and phone number information is essential. Managing local listings and reviews is key to having positive online presence for your dealership. Google will notice if you have conflicting information in different places across the web, and it can hurt your listing appearing in results.

The same goes for opening times and holiday hours whenever they apply. The process is simple: If you make a change to your dealership’s location, contact info or opening hours, remember to log into GMB and make your changes there too.

You could also consider adding products to your GMB listing. Search Engine Journal spotted this new trend last fall.

Plus, you should check to see if “ghost” hours have popped up on your Google My Business Listings. This is a phenomenon a lot of dealerships started seeing last year, where a service focused listing had been submitted for the same address and essentially created a department listing. Not to worry, Digital Dealer has some step by step instructions you can check out.


Tip # 2: Photos Matter

Almost all of us have smartphones capable of taking hi-res pictures these days, so there’s really no excuse for blurry low-res images of your dealership. Put yourself in the shoes of the excited auto shoppers out there: would you rather visit a dealership with nice clear photos taken on a sunny day showing the latest models, or a couple of blurry out-of-date pics. There’s really no comparison!

Make sure to highlight your showroom, new model year vehicles, friendly sales staff and service techs, and your comfortable service waiting area.

Tip # 3: Name Accuracy is Important

There are two types of marketers out there: the less is more kind and the more is more kind. When it comes to your business name on your Google My Business listing, we’re firmly in the less is more category. Resist the temptation to include the name of your city in your dealership name, or any other additional wording, unless it is actually part of your dealership’s registered name. Adding unnecessary information in your name can hurt your place in listings, and if Google notices the extraneous info you could even get kicked off the platform.

Here’s an example: If your dealership was registered as “Phoenix Classic Automobiles”, then you go ahead and enter that as your name. However, if your dealership was simply called Classic Automobiles and you listed as “Classic Automobiles Phoenix” you would have a potential problem on your hands.

Tip #4: Choose the Right Category

This is a simple thing that’s easy to miss. If you’re in the business of selling automobiles you don’t want to be listed under restaurants or nail spas. It’s the little things in life that make a difference, and you don’t want to overlook this.

You can find out more about how categories work, and how to select the one that’s right for you here.


Tip #5: You Can Always Ask for Help

If the idea of maintaining your Google My Business listing and keeping it fresh (not to mention Yelp, Facebook and others) gives you a headache, then we’ve got good news. Local marketing partners like LOCALiQ can step in and manage your local listings across the web leaving you to focus on more important tasks like closing those sales!
Here’s are some of the ways we can help you with Local Listings & Review Management:

  • Ensure your listing stays 100% accurate, including monitoring (and rejecting) and user-submitted edits to your information.
  • Ensure your pages are verified by Google
  • We’ll investigate any pages that have been flagged as unverified or pending and work with google to get the listing live again as quickly as possible.
  • We’ll find duplicate listings across the web and make sure they are properly managed.

Contact us today to find out how we can make your life easier with Local Listings & Review Management.


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