If you’re thinking, I already know about local listings. Great! Here’s the thing, though. You don’t know what you don’t know – but the good news is, we do.  

And just to make sure everyone’s on the same page, local listings are what car buyers see when they search online for dealers near them. Local listings should include – at the very least – a dealership’s name, address and business hours. They’re also closely linked to reviews and play a vital role in your dealership’s reputation, rankings and revenue. 

If you’re being strategic with your local listings, they’re not a one-and-done deal. You need to continually monitor search rankings; optimize results; update listings; and revise content to meet ever-changing directory requirements.  

Still wondering why to bother with local listings? Take seven minutes to find out – and get tips for making the list of top dealership listings. 

  • Your answer to why you need local listings  
  • Your local listings “to do” list  
  • Your local listings partner checklist   

Why You Need Local Listings 

Listings matter – 97 percent of consumers use the internet to find local businesses. And three out of four customers who use smartphones for searches visit a local business within 24 hours. So you better believe dealerships want their listing to be the first thing in-market shoppers see. 

But there’s more to local listings than making sure car buyers find them. Listings need to be correct and consistent across the internet – otherwise they’re downgraded by search engines and replaced with other dealership listings that are more accurate. As if that isn’t bad enough, a whopping 73 percent of customers lose trust in brands with inaccurate local business listings.  

Your Local Listings “To Do” List  

There’s a long list of local listings out there, but let’s focus on Google My Business (GMB). Why? Because just after you’ve wrapped your head around the fact that the website is your new showroom – and the home page is where customers form first impressions of your dealership – you might need to unwrap it. Now, first impressions come from GMB profiles. 

Google has added new features and displays more information on search results pages than ever before. Car shoppers don’t need to click through to your dealership website because they can see your phone number, business hours, photos, reviews and more. So, how can you make the most of your Google My Business profile? 

  • Choose the right categories. Don’t force them, the fewer and most exact categories the better. 
  • Write a thorough business description. 
  • Upload quality photos and videos – and switch them out often.  
  • Aim for a great review score (at least 4.5). 
  • Get more reviews than your competitors. 
  • Respond to every review – good ones and bad ones.  
  • Use Google Posts to share events, special offers and promotions (at least once a week). 
  • Monitor Questions and Answers and respond quickly. Also, provide answers to commonly asked questions.  

Why GMB Is Your New Home Page 

There are some other things you’ll want to keep in mind – Google notices if you have conflicting information on the web and it can hurt your dealership’s listings results. Google also determines how your website performs in search engine results by relevance (how well your dealership matches a customer’s search), distance (from the customer) and prominence (how well known your dealership is). Plus, results are affected by SEO practices and what your competitors are doing, which is why Google Ads campaigns are an effective tactic for boosting your dealership’s local listings.  

Your Checklist: Choosing a Local Listings Partner  

It takes tons of work to keep on top of local listings, which is why 70% of small and medium business owners don’t have time to manage all of theirs. And it’s why we provide strategic solutions designed specifically for the automotive industry. 

Let’s do a quick run-through of the local listings requirements of automotive dealerships – and what our teams deliver.  

  1. Your dealership information on up to 50 relevant local directories. 
  2. Accurate and consistent listings that improve search rankings, attract new customers, drive store traffic and increase revenue.  
  3. Optimized local presence on Google My Business, Apple Maps, Bing and Yelp. 
  4. Detailed reporting to maximize your marketing budget based on what’s driving traffic to your showroom.  

We eliminate duplicate listings, ensure Google verification, investigate flagged pages and more. All the things that demand an amount of time and level of expertise many dealerships aren’t prepared to commit to. It’s why we’re here. And it’s not only what we do, it’s in our name. LOCALiQ. Local dealerships. Local listings. 

Contact us to learn more about local listings and why they’re becoming the new showroom for an increasing number of automotive dealerships. 

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