There’s no chicken or egg question here. First come dealership listings, then come reviews – and both are essential, to dealers, consumers and each other. Listings rely on reviews because they play a critical role in the decision-making process of car buyers. A full 90% of consumers report that positive online reviews influence their buying decisions. And reviews, obviously, park themselves on listings. 

Now about listings, reviews and your dealership. You need car shoppers to find your dealership, so you don’t lose sales; you need the information to be consistent across the web, so your dealership doesn’t lose consumer trust; and you need quick responses to reviews, so your dealership maintains its online reputation. And that’s just for starters.  


Listings matter. According to Forbes, 97% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses – and the three in four using smartphones to search for something nearby visit a local business within a day. Conclusion? You want your dealership’s listing to show up. But just being there isn’t enough. 

Let’s say some information on your listings is out-of-date or incorrect. Customers can still find your dealership, right? But there’s a good chance they won’t, because they’ll look at your competition instead: 

– 73% of customers lose trust in brands with inaccurate local business listings 

– 7% of Google searchers switch to competitors if a listing is missing a phone number 

And keep in mind, there’s more than dealership hours and phone numbers to concern yourself with – content and imagery should be consistent across the internet too.  

Enough about what listings need to be – and on to where they need to be. Strategic listing management means getting your dealership on the right directories. Not to brag, but our team can make sure your key dealership info is always current – across up to 50 relevant local directories. We also delete duplicate listings that can harm your SEO ranking. And we check that your dealership is categorized correctly, all so car shoppers can find you and your dealership doesn’t miss a sale.  

The fact is, 70% of small and medium business owners don’t have time to manage listings on all the sites consumers use. It’s why we provide solutions designed specifically for the automotive industry, teams that deliver: 

– Correct and consistent listings across the internet to get your dealership found, improve search results rankings, attract new customers, drive store traffic and increase revenue 

– Optimized local presence on Google My Business, Apple Maps, Bing and Yelp – with underperforming directories swapped out for better options (Humble Brag: LOCALiQ AUTOMOTIVE Listings Management)  

– Detailed reporting so you can streamline your dealership marketing budget based on what’s driving the most traffic to your showroom 



It’s simple. People care about reviews – 56% of car shoppers check them to see what people are saying your dealership before they decide whether to visit. And they use reviews to find trustworthy service options too.   

Pay attention to stars. Because the more stars your dealership has, the more customers you’re likely to get: 

4 stars – 94% of consumers will consider using the business  

3 stars – 57% of consumers will consider using the business  

1 or 2 stars – 13% of consumers will consider using the business  

Request reviews – 68% of customers will leave a review if you ask for one. This gets your dealership comments from happy customers and helps bury unflattering and unfounded ones. 

Take a bad review and make it better. Engaging with unhappy customers in online reviews can lead to repeat business. Believe it or not, up to 70% of complaining customers will give a business another chance if their issues are addressed. (Forbes) 

So, what does strategic, comprehensive review management take? More time and focus than most dealerships have. That’s why we recommend partnering with automotive review management experts. And yes, we just happen to be leaders in automotive digital marketing


In short, our team: 

– Monitors 22 review sites  

– Pulls reviews in real-time from across the web  

– Responds to Google reviews with pre-approved templates 

– Alerts dealerships of other reviews that require responses 

– Updates dealerships via reporting dashboard  

– Helps dealers maintain control of their online reputation   



There you have it. Listings and review management. Both require a commitment of time and level of expertise that many dealerships aren’t prepared to take on. But that’s why we’re here.  

We’ll audit your listings; make sure everything is correct and consistent; get them on the right directories and help bump up your search ratings. We’ll monitor your reviews; alert you of new ones; respond to Google reviews; provide reports via your dashboard; and more.  

Contact us and learn how to do less and get more with listings and review management.  


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